1. (V)Joseph Gill b<1711 died Halifax Co., VA, <1791. Joseph Gill son of Joseph Gill, married Elizabeth Gates, daughter of William Gates.

Wm. Gate's widow was also an Elizabeth (will of her father William Gates and his wife Susannah, 13 March 1750, Chesterfield Co. VA Wills 1749-1774, Weisiger 1979 p5). Joseph Gill Debit 1736, 1 levy. Your order to Wm. Perude. Store debt. Pd. by Inspector's note (p17 Fleet, v21, Henrico, Sheriff's acct. book, Henrico Co., S. side of James R.). Joseph Gill, Debit, 1736, 2 levys, 200 acres. Clerk's fees. Balance due for year levy to J. Worsham. Pd. by cash to J. Gibson and an inspector's note (Fleet again p37 still). May 1742, May Court 1742, Thomas Mean and Sarah Mean to Joseph Gill, deed (p86 Henrico Co., VA Deeds 1737-1750, Weisiger 1988). August Court 1744, Joseph Gill to Duncan Galbreth, deed (p94 Henrico Co., VA Deeds 1737-1750, Weisiger 1988) 25 Nov. 1747 William Gill of Henrico Co. to Thomas Coker of same for £50, land north side of Logg Branch bounded by Joseph Gill, John Robertson, James Seavern, Richard hisXmark Stiles. Signed William hisVmark Gill. Recorded 1st Mon. 1747. Frances, wife of Wm., relinquished her dower right (p44, Henrico Co, VA Deeds 1737-1750, Weisiger 1988) Land along line of Joseph Gill to John Robertson's line sold by William Gill of Henrico Co., 1747 (could be reference to land of Joseph, Sr.. Mrs. Clark p76). 5 Sept. 1748 John Colbreath of Lunenburg Co. to Benjamin Dyson of Henrico Co. for £17, 125 acres bounded by a branch of Youles Branch, part of 250 acres purchased by Duncan Colbreath from Joseph Gill, and from him descended to John Colbreath his son & heir. Wit: Wil Kennon, John Finnie, Wm. Herringham, James Cromar. Signed John (TTT) Colbreath. recorded 1st Mon. March 1748/9 (p58 Henrico Co., VA Deeds 1737-1750, Weisiger 1988). This may indicate that Joseph Gill removed to Lunenburg Co. as early as 1747.

Joseph son of Joseph Gill removed to Halifax and Lunenburg Co., VA by 1752. Later deeds in both counties to the same people show this to be the same person. He apparently resided in Halifax County, and had dealings in Lunenburg as well. Joseph Gill of Lunenburg Co., VA with 508 acres of land, on tax list of 1752.

Joseph Gill b<1715 d1791, son of Joseph Gill of Chesterfield Co., VA, removed from Lunenburg Co., VA, to Halifax Co., VA (by 1753). He is the only Joseph with a brother Francis in Chesterfield Co. at this time. Joseph Gill of Halifax Co., VA, to brother Francis Gill of Chesterfield Co., VA, 1765, for natural love and affection and for his advancement in the world, and 15 sh., 250 acres of land in Halifax Co. on the Mayo Creek, 24 Jan. 1765. Wit: Zacharias Bell, Jacob Gill, Joseph Gill (Deeds V 299, Mrs. Clark p77 & p78).  Jacob Gill, witness to will of Joseph Gill of Halifax Co., VA, 1765 ibid p69). Joseph Gill of Halifax Co., VA, to John Sullins of Orange Co., NC, for natural love and affection, and 15 shillings, 200 acres on Sugar Tree Creek, adj. Wm. Hawkins, 21 Aug. 1766. Deeds II p270 (ibid p77). Joseph Gill of Halifax Co. deed of 1768. Witness Joseph Gill, Jr., Peter Gill (ibid p78). Note that "Jr." at this time was often used to indicate a younger person, not necessarily a son. Joseph Gill, Sr. land grant, 400 acres, 395 acres, 400 acres, Halifax Co. 1771 (ibid p78).

Joseph Gill appointed 2nd Lt., Capt. Moses Fontaine's Co., Jacob Faulkner, Ens., Halifax Co., VA 1774-7 (VA Military Records F225.v884, 1983 p26 & p184). Joseph Gill and Joseph Gill, Jr. witness deed from Peter Gill to Thomas Pool of Granville Co., NC, 17 June 1779. Halifax Co., VA Deeds (Mrs. Clark p78). Joseph Gill, Sr., land grant, 1780, Halifax Co. (not sure to which Joseph Gill this record refers) Joseph Gill, Captain of Militia, Halifax Co., 1783, Order Book X (Mrs. Clark p78). Joseph Gill has mill in Halifax Co. 1786 (Mrs. Clark p78). Joseph Gill and Joseph Gill, Jr., sell land in Halifax Co. to Henry Goare, 1788. Attorneys: Joseph Hopson and William Terry (ibid p78).

4 April 1755 Joseph Gill of Lunenburg Co. to Roger Atkinson of Dinwiddie Co., for £50, land on north side of Appomatox River, 200 acres, bounded by Jackson, Capt. John Robertson, Thomas Dance, Sr. and John Cousins. No witnesses. Rec. 4 April 1755 (p66 Chesterfield Co., VA Deeds 1749-1756 Weisiger, 1991). Joseph Gill of Lunenburg Co., VA with 508 acres of land, on tax list of 1764 (Mrs. Clark p76).

Joseph Gill of Halifax Co., VA, buys land in Halifax from Wm. Byrd of Charles City Co., 1753, Halifax Deeds I (Mrs. Clark p77). Joseph Gill of Lunenburg Co. 1755 mentioned in Records of Chesterfield Co., VA (Mrs. Clark p77). Joseph Gill deed from Dame Mari Byrd to 1286 acres of land for £28.15.10, Halifax Co., 9 May 1757 (Mrs. Clark p77). Joseph Gill, John Tomson, and Edward Goode, ordered by Vestry of Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg Co., to meet at John Humphreys on Monday, 12 Nov. 1759, and procession all the lands between Buckhorn Mountains, Creek Road, Boswell's Road, and Meherrin River, and make return according to law. (Mrs. Clark p77). Joseph Gill, Edward Goode, and John Thompson submit procession returns, 20 Feb. 1760. Land of Joseph Gill, present Peter Gill. Cumberland Par., Lunenburg Co. (Mrs. Clark p77). Joseph Gill, grant of 400 acres on Dry Creek, Halifax Co., 1760. Surveyor's Notes from Major Stith's Note Book (Mrs. Clark p77). Joseph Gill of Halifax Co., 1762, Deeds V (Mrs. Clark p77). Joseph Gill of Halifax Co., 1765, 428 acres and 279 acres (Mrs. Clark p77). Joseph Gill of Lunenburg Co., to William Hawkins, Jr., for natural love and affection, 210 acres on Mayo Creek, in Parish of Antrim, 17 June 1762. Wit: James McDaniel, Joel Blackwell. Halifax Co. Deeds IV, 5. Same date, Joseph Gill to John Childress, for love and affection, 205 acres. Wit: Isaac Johnson, Joel Blackwell. Deeds IV, 7 (Mrs. Clark p77).

Joseph Gill, dec'd, his widow and relict, Elizabeth Gill, 1791. Halifax Co., VA Deeds XIV (ibid p79).

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