Joseph Gill, born Kent Island, perhaps the son of that Joseph Gill listed in the Census of 1776 as the living in Lower Potomack Hundred, Frederick Co., MD.  Joseph Gill married in 1806 Nancy Hannah born at Winchester, Frederick Co., VA.  Perhaps the father or grandfather of Nancy was Henry Hannah who with a family of five whites, one black, is listed in the census of 1782 as living in Frederick Co., VA.  After living for brief periods at Shepherdstown, on the border of West Virginia, and at Winchester, VA, Joseph Gill joined the tide of western migration in the early 19th century and settled at Mt. Pleasant, Ohio. 1845 Will  One known son:

  1. John W. Gill born 23 Nov. 1809 at Mt. Pleasant, OH, married Rhoda Abigail Smith born 23 Dec. 1821, Columbus, OH, dau. David Smith (born 1785 Francestown, NH) and Harriet Byron Mitchell born 1802 Haverhill, MA.  Children of John W. Gill and Rhoda:
    1. Jennie V. Gill married ___ Talbot of Brighton, IL
    2. Daniel P. Gill of Brighton, IL
    3. Joseph Albert Gill born 1854 Wheeling, W. Va.
    4. John W. Gill, Jr. of Brighton, IL.  
    5. Charles W. Gill of Galveston, TX
    6. Mary Gill m. a __ Caldwell of Wheeling, W. Va.

I ran back across one of your pages  (27 March 2007) and there was some doubt expressed over some connections. The Gills, Craighills, Hannahs, Parks, Pattersons, Scotts and Vances all lived in Lancaster county PA and then Berkeley county VA (now WV) for a time. Most of them appear to have been members of a single Presbyterian congregation that had moved from Scotland to Ireland to PA because of the imposition of the Church of England. There were marriages connecting them all, and signed a petition to the Virginia legislature in 1776 in opposition to an "Ecclesiastical Establishment".

David Hannah m: Nancy Vance (daughter of the Presbyterian minister Hugh Vance).

Mary Hannah and William Scott (son of George Scott and Angeletta Craighill) moved to what is now Baytown, TX. (If you have a local map you can see Scott's Bay where they lived.) William and his brother, James were part of the Texas independence movement.

Margaret Hannah (Peggy) married Harry Craighill.

Joseph Gill m: 1806 to Nancy Ann Hannah.

John Park (John Parker) married Elizabeth Hannah and they lived in Port Clinton on a section they received as a federal grant. William Craighill became the post-master there. A few months after her husband died, Mary wrote a letter to her sister, Elizabeth, in which she mentions that one of the Gill family had visited. This and other papers were passed down in a collection of Park family papers. Typed copies were made by Clifton Keith in the 1930s. These transcripts support the family interconnections.

Here's one of the shorter letters:

from Joseph Gill, Springfield, Ohio

to Mr. George Z. Clark, Homer Ill

May 25 1839


We are planning to take a trip to see Aunt Mary Ann Scott soon and Uncle James Gill plans to go also.

My daughter Nancy Flemming is well.

I am 77 years of age and do not use glasses and can see and get around well.

Send love to the friends

Joseph Gill




James Gill

Joseph Gill

George Z. Clark

Mary Ann Scott

Nancy Flemming

from John W. Gill (#1, , above), Mount Pleasant Ohio, post-mark 1842-02-14

to John Park and Elizabeth Ann Hannah Park Marysville Union County Ohio 10 cents

Dear Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle John:

I embrace this opportunity to write and inform you we are all well.

We found our friends well down on the peninsula, James and Wallace were very anxious that you should come there and I have no doubt they have written you on the subject. They have the prospect of doing well and I think you would be much better located and comfortable if you would locate there.

James selected a piece of land that father would like you to have if you preferred settling on it in preference to the encombrance and unhealthy selection where you are now.

I had a letter a short time ago from Cousin Mary and George Clark at Homer Ill. They and their 2 children are well and they say doing well. I also have a letter from Cousin Mary J Scott of Galveston Texas. Aunt Polly has been deceased on 5th May 1841. The rest are well.

We had a pleasant and safe journey to the lake and home. Brother James was married on the 1st of December to Miss Mary Ann Parker, a very nice and beautiful and aimable [sic] lady of this vacini [sic I think this was a typing problem in the 1930s; he ran off the margin and it should probably be "vicinity"]. They made a trip to North Carolina to see her mother and have returned safe and commenced house keeping at his resedence [sic] on Short Creek.

Brother James has become thoroughly [sober] for some time since, joined the total abstainance society and does not taste a drop of spiritous licquor.

His reformation of course is of great rejoicing and thankfulness to Father and Mother as well as all of us true friends. We are all well satisfied with the choice he has made for his wife.

Cousin Elisa Craghill accompanied us from the Penensula [sic] and is here and well. Nancy Scott has had the measles since we returned but is now well and healthy and lively as can be.

Business is dull and money is scarce in this region and every thing very much reduced in price. Wheat 46 cents & 48 cents, corn 20 cents and 25 cents, Oats 16 cents, pork $2, beef $2.50, flour $2.50/ bushell, clover seed $3, timothy $1.50, and every thing in proportion.

We would [be] much pleased to see you in here if you can make it convenient to pay us a visit. Please write to us soon. Let us know if Wallace has written to you since, and if you are going to Ottawa. I expect to go out there in the Spring or Summer. Father and Mother and all of us are well and join in sending our love to you both

John W. Gill

Nancy, William, and all




John W. Gill

John Park

Elizabeth Ann Hannah Park

James Park

John Wallace Park

George Z. Clark

Mary Jane Hannah Scott living on San Jacinto River, at what is now Baytown, TX "Aunt" Polly d: 1841-05-05 James Gill lives on Short Creek m: 1842-12-01 Mary Ann Parker Nancy Scott Elisa Craghill William Craghill?

William Park?

William Gill?

Springfield Ohio

May 25 1839

Mr George Z Clark

Homer Ill [near Urbana, IL]


We are planning to take a trip to see Aunt Mary Ann Scott soon and Uncle James Gill plans to go also.

My daughter Nancy Flemming is well

I am 77 years of age and do not use glasses and can see and get around well

Send love to the friends

Joseph Gill

(husband of Nancy Hannah?)

- - - - -

from John W. Gill

Mount Pleasant Ohio

to Elizabeth Park, Wallace Park & William B. Craghill Port Clinton O

November 18, 1844

Dear Aunt:

Elizabeth Park

I feel it my painful duty to inform thee that my dearly beloved mother is very dangerously ill. she has been suffering for some time with pains in her breast and head with a violent cough and frequent vomiting and is very weak and low and her doctors think her recovery very doubtful and unless a change for the better takes place soon she can not last much longer.

It would be a good satisfaction for her and us if thee or any of relatives could come and see her. Could thee not find it convenient to come.

Father and the rest of our family are in reasonable health.

Respectfully thy cousin

John W. Gill

Wallace Park

Dear Cousin

Samuel Kinney has just got home and he left with thee four hundred choice grafted apple trees and selected a proper spot and gave the proper instructions how to plent them in the best manner. I hope thee have planted them as he directed. Please do stake them to make them grow straight and be particular to make a perminent [sic] fence and keep the cattle from injuring them.

I will expect thy particular care and attention as I am very anxious to have a good apple orchard.

He also brot [sic] the treasurer's receipt he paid toward the taxes (100.00) and that William Craghill would collect debts owing us and would pay the balance. I wish the and Cousin James would assist him in doing so. James perhaps can make a payment and also that debt again C. Misson ought to be paid by this time.

There is money due me from John Houts, David McRitchie, Wm Hannah, Jacob Donelson, and Wm Tilton. You perhaps can get some from all of them. Please try and collect enough from them to pay our taxes at least. Kinney says all the persons that got land of us have, will pay the tax except Meeker and Walker, that they refuse to pay until they get the deeds and that Cousin Wm Craghill refuses to give up the deeds until their contract is completed. He is right and if they don't pay I want him to try and not let it be charged extra or sold for taxes. I expected to have gotten out this fall and circumstances have prevented. I will come out as soon as possible.

I expect to be in Columbus the 4th of December and should you not get money to pay all the tax tell Mr. Craghill or the treasurer to write to me there the deficiency and I will settle it there with the State Treasurer.

Wishing you the best of health and success. We send our best wishes and regards to all and I remain Your friend and cousin

John W. Gill




2 letters in one envelope? The transcripts were typed onto the same sheet of paper.

John W. Gill

(John) Wallace Park

Aunt Elizabeth Hannah Park

William B. Craghill

Samuel Kinney

Cousin James Park

C. Misson?

John Houte

David McRitchie

William Hannah

Jacob Donelson

William Tilton

Letter provided by J.G. Otto

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