S. Epperson Evans; of the Elcain/ElKana Gill line;

Gill Notes Pulaski co., Ky

This line<documented> begins with ELCANAH GILL,SR,ca 1800;Pulaski co., Ky, m. Priscilla<?> d.ca 1829 in PCK,KY, she b. ca 1805 PCK,KY

1st piece of evidence is Order Book 7 part 1;pg. 38 - Jan Term 1829 indenture of child Eliza Gill, infant orphan of Elcana Gill<all need to note if noted as Orphan; your mother could still be alive at that time; but father would be dead>to William Hamilton, Wm F. Fox is the Clerk. Also she m. Galen E. Haynes, s/o Temple Haynes/Va families that also went to TN. 1st then Ky. - as did my Epperson & Sandidge lines.

2ed piece of evidence is Pulaski co., Ky Court Order Bk<?> - ca Aug 1829 or 1839? I don't have a data on my copy and the book was missing during my 1998 summer trip to the Court House in Somerset,Ky. But the copy states Priscilla Gill didn't appear in court to bound out her children and would be required to attend the next session to show cause why she wouldn't.

3ed - 1850 Lincoln Co., Ky census - Elcanah/Cain Gill Jr. b. 1825 is m. to Annie Eliza Manuel and w/2 children in the census - Priscilla Gill b. ca 1810 is with her younger children, but her son named <Samuel Severance/m4 also known as Josiah Gill>a twin, aged ca 4yrs is bound or kept by a Severance family.

4th - 1860 PCK,Ky census - Elcanah/Cain Gill Jr. b. 1825 is w/his much larger family and wife Annie E.<Manuel>Gill; Priscilla Gill is listed w/her children - but I believe she names them <and includes the twins - ages differ> This is not the only Gill family named twice - see John & Nancy, Ellen/Nellie Gill w/thm and again w/Aaron Gill<same children, ages, etc>

5th - Civil War Records of my 2 different GILL male lines:

6th - 1870 PCK,Ky;census - Elizabeth <Adams>Gill; b. 1814, Widow of Robert Gill & daug are in PCK as is Elcana/Cain Gill;w/his wife and mother Priscilla living in the household.

7th - 1880 PCK,Ky;census - Elcanah/Cain;with Aunt Nellie Gill living in household.

8th - Cain/Elcanah & Annie Eliza <Manuel>Gill both burried at Woodstock Baptist Cemetery off Hwy 39 in PCK,Ky.

Fountain Gill's 2ed m. record of Lincoln Co., Ky states he & mother b. in PCK<just like on the Civil War record of Cain> and that his father was b. in Garrard Co., Ky. Fountain b. ca 1835. The Mormon library record/IGI has his 1st m. in Casey co., Ky to Mary E. Colson/Carter in 1854. He has not been found by me since the 1870 Lincoln Co., Ky census w/his 2ed wife Anne Cooley & ch. Anne Cooley b. 1826. In the 1860 record, Fountain says he is m/24. In the 1850 PCK,Ky record he is m/14w/the John Gill family and listed in the 1860 record w/his mother Priscilla as 24yrs. His 1st m. 1854 in Casey co., Ky; coincides w/the finding of LAFAYETTE GILL, also living in Casey Co., Ky;w/his 2ed wife, Ashley J.<b. 1835> - his dau. by 2ed m. was ca 1855, prob Casey co., Ky. His 1st wife Eliza Ann Barton, m. 1847 PCKK,Ky - their daug Polly A. b. 1852 living w/him and Ashley in Casey Co., Ky 1860.

This is my strongest clue that the JOHN GILL of the 1850 PCK,Ky; census ties both my Robert & Elcane Gill together somehow.

Some clues point to the Richard Gill family tht was in the Madison/Lincoln/Garrard Co., Ky areas and near the portions that later became Pulaski co., Ky...Or they came from nearby to settle and marry. Another possibility is the JOHN GILL; w/Nancy<?> - in the PCK, Ky;1850 census - 2 JOHN GILLs, died in the Pulaski co., Ky vital statistics records - the <old> John Gill d. Nov 1859 and a young John Gill <probably the husband of the Elizabeth Thompson Gll, later census>.

<this line also has the white streak in the hair>this is as she sent to me with a descent tree;dianna bourke privette

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