This is a merged set of data on the Gill lines of Pulaski co., Ky; compiled by Dianna Bourke Privette, Sheila Epperson Evans, Roger Rundquist,Tom Gill, and Allen Davis

1. John GILL,b.VA. <there is no proof that the John Gill who m. Nancy Murphy were the parents or even grandparents of James M. Gill>  m. Nancy MURPHY , Pulaski Co., Ky, 15 May 1800. Nancy b.VA  John GILL and Nancy MURPHY had the following child: <ref Allen Davis>

Second Generation

2. James M. GILL b. Pulaski Co., Ky, 1 May 1832, d., 6 Feb 1907 , Pulaski Co., Ky 76 yrs; burried Woodstock Cemetery, Pulaski Co., Ky  m. Synthia Ann THOMPSON , Pulaski Co., Ky, 5 Jul 1853<Ref: m. book II,PCK,Ky Hist Soc.> ; Synthia b. Pulaski Co., Ky ; 6 June, 1839<Ref; m. license: poss Dianna Bourke Privette> Synthia was the daughter of Jesse P. THOMPSON and Winnie MCKINZY; Synthia died 7 Jun 1917, Woodstock, Pulaski Co., KY. at 85 years of age. LDS Church, AFN: 1CGN-TVN.<submitter?> also <death certificate in poss of Dianna Bourke Privette and picture of Tombstone>< LDL records show a b. 1 May, 1830; VA <wedding data g. con: L.F. Gill, b.con: f. Jesse Thompson; sur: James Gill & L.F. Gill><mothers name comes from the death certificate of (C)Synthia Ann Thompson Gill>

James <Monroe> GILL and (C)Synthia Ann THOMPSON:issue

Third Generation

4. Andrew Jackson3 GILL (James Monroe2, John1) Hannah Louise PROVENCE :issue

Fourth Generation

16. Jesse William GILL (Andrew Jackson3, James Monroe2, John1)b. Pulaski Co., Ky or Jefferson co., Ks ??, 6 Nov 1885.<if! these Gill came to Ks on the wagon train with the Garners, it was 1892> so he would have been b. Ky;m. Amanda Ellen Garner<his first cousin>daug of James Vincent Garner and Winnie Thompson Gill, 9 Nov, 1910, Holton Jackson Co., Ks.d. 30 May, 1970 Berrien Spprings, Berrien Co., MI;burried Rose Hill Cem, Berrien Springs MI <both> She d. 26 Feb 1968 <this is line of Tom Gill>

Jesse William GILL and Amanda Ellen GARNER :issue

Fifth Generation

18. Robert Alfred Gill and Myrtle Dunkelburg has issue;

19. Kenneth Earl GILL and Catherine Miller had issue.

+ 26 i. Thomas Edward GILL, b. 17 Aug 1939,Benton Harbor, MI; m. Doris Ann MATES, 19 Dec, 1964, Kalamazoo,Kalamazoo co., MI; b. 18 April, 1942, Kalamazoo, MI<her parents>

Seventh Generation

Brian Thomas GILL and Heidi Lynn RADDE had issue;

Now the explaination for Sheila Epperson Evans; She has two Gill lines, one of which is <ElCain Gill> of Pulaski co., Ky; The distinguishing marks carried by our Gill line is a "white streak in the hair and certain pigmintation marks;or lack there of.. And on the census her Gill are living side by side with the above line.

Her Denney line signed the death certificate for Synthia Ann Thompson Gill, Woodstock, Pulaski co., Ky; there were no Funeral Homes or Mortuarys; family took care of the burial; there is alot of data to support the connection; but we so far havn't found the actual documentation to support what is circumstantial; We all work the Gill lines of Pulaski co., and share information; I will scan and attach her Family Hist Sheet to a 2ed msg; to Dr Clark at BIGFOOT; mistakes and omissions can be added or corrected;cousin dianna

In the  Pulaski Co., KY 1850 census there are two John Gill m. to Nancys, one set, of VA,VA the second VA,NC; both have only one child at home a James; the Va,Nc sets James is the closest in age to my James M. Gill but there is no proof that either is his parents; could be a relative, but no proof for either one.

James M. Gill m. (S)Cynthia Ann Thompson 5 July, 1853; reads; g. con: L.F. Gill (Lafayette) b. con: f. Jesse Thompson; sur: James Gill AND L.F. Gill

These maybe his cousins or brothers ?, as they were about the same age; I have documentation of their marriages; and 13 July, 1855 John Gill m. Elizabeth Thompson; sur: John Gill and Lafayette Gill g. con: f. John Gill; License and their 1st child lived with and was raised by James M. Gill and Cynthia as their own;

Andrew J. Gill m. Hanah Louise Provence 20 April, 1877 in Pulaski co., KY

Jesse William Gill m. Amanda E. Garner, a 1st cousin; (also my line) 9 Nov, 1910 in Holton, Jackson co., Kansas; (in 1892) the Garners, Gill and many others took wagon train to Kansas; My grandmother who was sister to Amanda and 1st cousin to Jesse was two yrs old; Jesse William Gill had a son Kenneth and he had son Patrick; this is the letter from Jesse Gill to Patrick Gill;

The letter I have is a copy and very bad one it is: Written ca 1970-1975 It was written by Jesse W. Gill the grandson of James M. Gill and Cynthia to his grandson:

Dear Pat; I am sorry I can't give you any information any farther back than my Granddfather, what I have was told to me by my mother. My Grand Father's name was Thomas Provence(this would be the father of Hannah Provence Gill) I don't remember Grand Mothers maiden name, it seems like it was Louise Lee. My fathers's name was Andrew J. Gill. My mothers name was Hannah Provence. My Fathers, Father's name was James Gill. My Grand Mother was Cynthia Gill "Maiden Name Cynthis Bishop(now here we have a problem as I have James M. Gill and Cynthias marriage license and her death certificate; she 14yrs and he 21yrs at their m. and so her maiden name wasn't Bishop; but their was a m. 6 Jan, 1836 of a James Gill to Susannah Bishop in Pulaski co., Ky; Ref for both m. also Pulaski co., Ky Hist Soc; marriage book 1 and 2: It is perhaps his grandparents? I really don't know; but the m. of James M. Gill to Cynthia Ann Thompson is well documented. Her mother was Winny McKinsey; I have Cynthias death certificate; James died 1907; they weren't keeping them at that time; They are burried in the Woodstock Cemetery, Pulaski co., Ky. Letter continues My grandfather and grand mother were born long before the war between the states or "Civil War", so I can't give any dates on them; your nationalities Pat are English, Irish some German and some French, mostly English and Irish. They date back to colonial days. My Mothers people lived in Lee county Virginia in the midst of the battle fields of the Civil War, their plantation was destroyed all their buildings burned all live stock taken by the soldiers of both North and South, after the war was over they salvaged what they could, bought land in Tennesse but times were still so unsettled they had to leave again so they finaly located in Kentucky. My Father and your Grand Mothers ancestors were early settlers of Kentucky. So you see during and after the war things were in such a mess alot of old records were destroyed and new ones were not kept very well.Your Grand Mothers side "Her Grandfather was John Garner, Her Grand Mother was Jane Garner; maiden name Jane Price; Her fathers name James Vincent Garner, her Mothers was Winnie, maiden name Winnie Gill; Jesse W. Gill; Amanda E. Gill Maiden Name, Amanda E. Garner; That is the way the letter ends; The Price line of Pulaski co., Ky also carries the white streak in the hair and is intermarried with the Garner Gill line many times;

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