Here's the source material which shows that the parents of Abel S., Julia A. & James Gill were Leonard Gill & Zenna ______:

Alabama Records, Vol. 152 - Benton Co., compiled by Pauline Jones Gandrud, p. 82:

The will of SAMUEL THOMPSON, Benton Co., AL, dated March 18, 1850 filed June 29, 1850 stated he died June 21, 1850. "To my beloved sons $1.00 My wife, ZENNA (widow of LEONARD GILL-nee Zaner; see note in 1850 census); land at her death to grandson, THOMAS HENRY THOMPSON, son of JACOB A. THOMPSON. Witnesses: R. N. BROYLES, D. W. HUGHES, WILLIAM T. MATTISON.

Notice of will of ZENNA THOMPSON (she was widow GILL when in 1846 he married her). JAMES R(OBERT) THOMPSON, B(URT) THOMPSON.

Alabama Records, Vol. 156 - Benton Co., compiled by Pauline Jones Gandrud, pp. 61-62:


Will dated November 17, 1807. Probated Sept. 7, 1818

Property to wife Martha

William B. Townes appointed admin'r. June 1846.

Notes by Gandrud:

1850 Census Benton Co., Ala. 28th District

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