1900---Louisana---Lincoln Parish

1st Precinct-Ward 5--S.D.-5;E.D.61;sheet#10;pg.#131-A,B Household # 146

Gill, William L. (Head) W-M-March 1849--51--Md(30 yrs) b:La F.b:Ga M.b.Ala. Farmer; Farm, owned  free of mortgage

Mary C. (Wife) W-F-August 1853--46--Md(30 yrs) mother of 12 children; 9 children now living; b.SC;F.b.SC; Mb.SC

The volunteer looked forwards and backwards in the 1900 census to see if  she could find any other Gills and found one she thought might be a  brother of William L.'s

Household # 133

Gill, ? B. (head) W M Mar 1851 49 Md (26 yrs) b-La; FB- GA;MB-MS Farmer;owned farm free of mortgage;

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