Lunenburg Co., VA.

Order Book 3 1754-1755

Page 13: May Court 1754. Henry Gill appointed surveyor of the road.

Page 193: October Court 1754. Edward Goode, Robert Hatcher, Joseph Gill and Joseph Greer to appraise the slaves and personal property of Samuel Young, deceased.

Page 217: November Court 1754. Joab Mitchell, Plaintiff, vs. Joseph Gill, Defendant.

Ordered that the Plaintiff recover his debts from Defendant, and costs.

Page 238: November 1754. On the motion of Peter Gill a witness for Nash Glydwill at the suit of Archibald Carry, It is ordered that the said Nash pay him for five days attendance and for three times coming and returning Eighty miles, according to Law.

Page 368: June Court 1755. The laboring tithable persons of Michael Gill & others to help repair road.

Page 393: July Court 1755. Henry Gill, Plaintiff vs. Henry Chiles Defendant. In debt.

Plaintiff to recover his damages together with his costs.

Page 393: July 1755. Henry Gill to pay William Saffold for being a witness.

Lunenburg Court Order Book 4, 1755-1757

Page 87: February Court 1756. Joseph Gill on a Jury List.

Page 186: September Court 1756. Susannah and Edward Gates Execx & Exec., etc. of William Gates, deceased, Plaintiff vs. Joseph Gill, Defendant. Debt case. Suit dismissed.

Page 200: September Court 1756. William Gill and Michael Gill to examine for a Road.

Page 214: October Court 1756. Michael Gill & William Gill reported re:

the Road, which goes from George Walton's house to Little Roanoke Church.

Page 250: November Court 1756. Jury List included Joseph Gill.

Page 299: June Court 1757. Deed. Thomas Mitchell to Michael Gill.

Page 300: June 1757. Deed. Thomas Mitchell to William Gill.

Page 315: July Court 1757. Jury list included Joseph Gill

Page 340: August Court 1757. Augustine Claiborne vs. Joseph Gill.

Plaintiff to recover

money and costs.

Page 409: October Court 1757. Joseph Gill as Special Bail for Nash Glydwell as the First of Archibald Cary brought the body of said Nash Glydwell into Court and surrendered him to the Sheriff.........

Lunenburg Court Order Book 5, 1757-1759)

Page 4: November Court 1757. Henry Gill appointed surveyor of the Road.

Page 8: November 1757. William Byrd vs. Joseph Gill. Gill owes him money. Plaintiff to recover money.

Page 9: November 1757. William Stokes and Hampton Wade vs. Joseph Gill. Debt.

Plaintiff to recover money.

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