Madison County, Florida

1850 Census Data
Roll Page family name age born sex born occupation $worth comments taken
59 093 #155, 155 John J. Humphry 31 1819 m GA farmer 1000 division 26 Oct. 1850
Rebecca Humphry 26 f GA
Allen A. Ammands 35 m GA laborer
William Gill 14 1836 m FL
093 156, 156 Visey Gill 50 1800 f? GA Lowdes Co., GA 1840
Elizabeth Gill 35 1815 f GA
Syntha (Synthia?) Gill 22 1828 f GA
Wealthy Gill 20 1830 f GA
Martha Gill 8 1842 f FL
Julia Gill 7 1843 f FL
Thomas Gill 6 1844 m FL
Richard Gill 3 1847 m FL
Robert Gill 1 1849 m FL

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