Mary Gill, dau. of Valentine Gill (by Valentine's unknown 1st wife) married Jacob Blizard of Fairfield Dist., SC. Linda Murphy found a file, Film # 0954248-I-923, item 18, page 39, located at the Jonesboro, GA, Family History Center. dealing with the estate of a Josiah G. Allen. "In the file is a receipt from MARY BLIZARD of Fairfield Dist., SC (no date shown) for $32.50 in full for her 1/9th part of lands sold by G. J. TROTTI, late com'r in Equity of Barnwell District, belonging to her deceased father VALENTINE GILL, which lands had been sold to JOSIAH G. ALLEN. The receipt is signed by her attorney-in-fact, JACOB BLIZARD, JR. The original P/A signed by her was executed in Fairfield District, 9 Sept 1841, and is unrecorded and states that MARY (nee GILL) married JACOB BLIZARD, now deceased."   -  My husband is descended from James Gill b. 1712 of Allendale, SC. His son, Valentine Gill, had by his first unknown wife, daughter Mary Gill who married Jacob Blizard and settled in Fairfield Dist. of SC.  Their son Valentine Blizard b. 1810, m. Elizabeth and settled next to Jacob.  Their son James Thomas Blizzard died in 1864, the war between the states in a DC hospital. The letter he wrote from there was donated to the Charleston Museum and is on display there in the Civil War dept.  Valentine and Eliabth Blizard raised his son--their grandson-- who was the child James on Valentine's 1880 census.   At that point James, at about age 16 the family verbal history says, the grandson ran away from home to Orangeburg Co as it was known then, and went by the name Thomas Arthur Blizzard. He was my husband's grandfather.  Barbara Blizzard

The Gill and Blizard families lived in Barnwell, or Allendale Co. which was Orangeburg District SC in the early days including Columbia and covered half the state. I have lived within 30 miles of the area on and off since 1964. I know the rivers you speak of and the area. People were on the move then as we are now. And place names changed as more districts were added and counties took over the land. I would guess that Mary Gill and Jacob Blizard, Sr. went about 40 miles from what is today Barnwell to Fairfield after they were married. I don't have any information on the other children of Valentine Gill because I haven't looked for any. I've been swamped with my Drakes and Stuarts.

Valentine Blizard got married in Richland Co. I have a census of Valentine Blizard with my husband's grandfather on it as a grandchild in Fairfield Co, 1880. I have a copy of Valentine's 1850 census in which he states he was born in Barnwell, 1810. It shows his daughter Marsha, 16 was born in Richland. My husband's great grandfather, James T. who died in DC below, was 12 and born in Fairfield. That shows how much they moved.

Next door (on the 1850 Fairfield Census where they settled) lived Jacob Jr. and his mother Mary (Gill) who was 68.

And also another neighbor, Jasper Blizard age 62, was probably a younger brother of Jacob Blizard, Sr.

I also have a copy of the letter Valentine's son James T. Blizzard wrote home to his mother, Elizabeth, and sibs while a prisoner of war in DC where he died from a bullet leg wound. I have a photo copy of the envelope with the address of Valentine and Elizabeth Blizzard, which was the same as his wife's address, Doks? (I don't know the place) Fairfield District, South Carolina, "The Old English District".....I live in Kershaw Co, not far away and drive through Winnsboro twice a week..... I also have a copy of his death certificate which said he was a rebel and that his wife Mary E. Blizzard lived in Doks?? Post Office, Fairfield Dist., SC. But I also have a pay receipt for Dec 9 1861-Jan, 1 1862 saying he enlisted in Winnsboro, which is in Fairfield Co. And another for Jan & Feb 1862 that says he enlisted in Columbia, which is in Richland, though he was always in the same army unit----where it stated he was Absent, sick (which was when he fathered his only son who was born Sept. 27, 1863.) Then one for Mary & June of 1863 one said he was absent on furlough in Fairfield Dist. since 24 June 1863.

And I have photo copies of all his pay receipts while a pvt. in the Confederate Army until his capture, from the state archives several years ago. "Missing since the battle of the 21 Aug 1864," it says on one. Then the next one said he was captured by the enemy 21 Aug 1864. He died about 2 months later, on Oct. 29, 1864. I don't think he ever saw his son.

His son ran away from the grandparents whom he thought were mean and went to Aiken Co. SC when he was 16, though he is listed on the 1880 census. In Wagner, SC he changed his name to Thomas Arthur Blizzard where he married Locky Spires. This might be a problem to some who might not believe James Thomas hopped a train and changed his name, so no one could find him, but Thomas made peace with his family after a while and wrote to them. The original letters and other papers are in the possession of the Blizzard family, except for the letter James T. Blizzard wrote to his mother, from the Lincoln Hospital Ward, Washington, DC, which is in the museum in Charleston, SC, on display. I got a copy of the letter and envelope from a family member. He signed his name James T. Blizzard.

In 1860 there were only 2 Blizzard households in Fairfield Co: Elizabeth Blizzard who was the widow of Jacob Jr. (the son of Mary Gill) and Valentine Blizzard. Jacob Jr. was abt. 13 years younger than Valentine.

Here is a land location that mentions Jacob Blizzard (husband of Mary Gill). This would be when his son Valentine was about 2 yrs old.


By a deed dated 12 DEc 1812, John BROOM of Fairfield District sold to William HAYGOOD 27 acres of land, originally granted to the said John BROOM, It was situated on the waters of Cedar Creek and the Persimmon Fork, bounded by lands of Lewis HAYGOOD and Jacob BLIZZARD. What was the date of the originally grant of the 27 acres to John BROOM? Can someone please help me. Margaret Miller

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