(2) Mary Gill born c1758 Richland Co., SC to John Gill, died in Lawrence Co., MS c1820; married <1787 in SC to John Bryan Hart bc1760 New Bern, NC, died near Bogue Chitto, Lawrence Co., MS 1822. Mr. Cupit states that he died >1830.  John B. Hart had two South Carolina State Land Grants, one for 56  acres Bk. 52 page 7 granted 7 Jan. 1805 and one for 1000 acres in Book 53 page 494 granted 3 August 1807. Volume II of the DAR index lists John Bryan Hart bc1760 dc1800 revolutionary soldier in SC, married Mary Gill.  (DAR application 638260, additional 618) In "The Gill Family  Papers" by John T. Cupit in the File Cabinet in Shreve Memorial Library, Shreveport, LA, John Cupit states on page 56/63/67 that "John Hart, son of Richard Hart and his wife Elizabeth Bryan of New Bern, NC, he was also a twin brother of Mary Bryan Hart who married Joseph Sasser of Anson Co.,  NC." Her estimated birth year of c1758 may be used to estimate a limit for her father's birth year of before 1758-21=c1737. DAR application 638260-A654 in 1985 is filed under this man, through his daughter Mary Gill who married John B. Hart, and claims that the wife of John Gill, father of Mary Gill, was Mary Jackson.  In one of his papers, Cupit says she was born c1770. John Hart served in "Carolina" Troops (Cupit) in the Revolution for seven years. This must mean he served first c1776, and if 21, was born before c1755. There was one man in Peyer im Hoff's company as young as 17. In a letter to Mrs. Nell P. Reid of 21 Nov. 1962, Mr. Cupit states that John Bryan Hart "purchased 1000 acres of land a large part of it where Columbia now stands. I could never find where he sold it." John Hart appears in the 1810 census in Richland Co. >45, or born before 1765, only consistent with the earlier birth years above. Two other Harts were in the 1810 census: Warren Hart 26-45 and James Hart 16-26. They supposedly came to MS c1811. His home was close to Bogue Chitto. Mr. Cupit says he was the first pastor of Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in 1821.

The DAR has erected memorial tombstones for John Bryan Hart, Mary Gill Hart, and John Gill Jr. in the Bogue Chitto Cemetery, Bogue Chitto, Lincoln County, MS. They used 1754-1828 as birth and death years for John Gill Jr. and 1770-1820 for Mary Gill Hart. I'm sure there is some disagreement on some of the other dates Mr. Cupit used, too.  This information, and the children, supplied by V. Zeigler and D. Payne, thanks very much!  John Bryan Hart and Mary Gill Hart had nine children, five girls and four boys.

  1. Sarah Frances Hart b. 1784-86 Richland Co., SC. m. Stephen Sasser
  2. James S. Hart ba 1787 Richland Co., SC m#1. Sarah Rebecca Parnell & after her death m#2 Jane Grice
  3. John Hart b. 27 Oct 1788 Richland Co., SC m. Martha Ann Meredith on 14 Jan 1813 in Amite Co., MS. d. 1832 in Pike County, MS. This is the line of V. Zeigler.
  4. Mary Hart b. 9 Oct 1790 in Richland Co., SC m. Joseph Price. d. 1822
  5. Joseph Hart b. 1790-95 in Richland Co., SC m. Lavenia Reeves d. 1866 (tombstone in Bogue Chitto Cemetery shows b. 1795 in SC and d. 2 May 1865)
  6. Elizabeth Hart ba 1794 in Richland Co., SC m. Emanuel Moak
  7. Rachel Hart ba 1796 in Richland Co., SC m. Benjanmin Garlington
  8. Rebecca Hart ba 1798 in Richland Co., SC m. James Herrington on 26 Jul 1821 in Lawrence County, MS. Died before 1864.  This is the line of, and the remainder of informaion on this line is from, D. Payne, who also has a family web site.   Rebecca Hart, b. abt 1785-1808, d. abt. 1828-1896, buried in an unmarked grave at Thames Church Cemetery in Newton Co., MS, married James Herrington, b. 1798 in Chesterfield Co., SC, d. 1880 in MS, buried in an unmarked grave at Thames Church Cemetery in Newton Co., MS
    1. 2. John Henry Herrington, b. January 14, 1825, Neshoba Co., MS; d. March 24, 1902, Newton Co. MS, married Susan B. Coughran.
      1. 3. James Monroe Herrington, b. May 17, 1862, MS; d. July 25, 1933, MS, married Rachel Elizabeth Truhitt
      2. 3. Nancy Elizabeth Herrington, b. March 1865; d. abt. 1866-1959.
      3. 3. John Thomas Herrington, b. February 23, 1866; d. abt. 1867-1960.
      4. 3. Mary Rebecca Herrington, b. February 27, 1876; d. abt. 1877-1970.
      5. 3. Martha M Herrington, b. abt. 1846-1875; d. abt. 1851-1957.
    2. 2. Herbert Herrington married Nancy
  9. Isiah Hart b. 1803 in Richland Co., SC m. Eliza Gill d. 1887 Jefferson Co., MS
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