John Gill 1709-1797 married Mary Rogers1712-1797, resided Baltimore, MD.

  1. Eliza.Rogers Gill 4 Mar. 1731 unmar
  2. Sarah Gill Jan. 1733 died 1744
  3. Eleanor Gill Jan. 1735 m John Pendell
  4. John Gill 2nd 1737-1822
  5. Wm. Gill 1739
  6. Stephen Gill 1741
  7. Edward Gill 1744-1818
  8. Nicholas Gill 1750-1796
  9. Sarah Gill 1747-1796
  10. Joshua Gill 1753-1853
  11. Elizabeth Rogers Gill1755->1797

" I am researching the John Kemp family of Northern Baltimore County, Maryland. It seems the Gill family and the Kemp family are intertwined a great deal in this area, but I have been unable to find a marriage between these families. Our John Kemp was a wit. for John Gill's will c. 1786 or 1796 ( I'm sorry, I don't have my notes handy). John Kemp who died 1823 Baltimore County, Maryland, left property to "Amanda, Ruth and John Gill, all children of Mary Gill". Our Kemp's lived in the Butler/ Dover/Black Rock area of Baltimore County. Many Gills lived in this area, and attended church at the same churches as my Kemps. I know there was a family connection with our Kemps through the Orrick family. Shadrack Kemp Jr., grandson of John Kemp, married Annie Eliza Orrick. The Orricks were related to the Jeremiah and Hickman Johnson families as were a couple of the Gills.

I have found records of the Dover United Methodist Church, a little tiny church which was located almost on the corner of the Kemp property. This little church was established in 1808, on land given by Aquilla Parrish for his friends and family for use of "establishing a school and a place of worship of God". Among the founding members of this little church were Nicholas Gill, Stephen Gill, Stephen Gill of Nicholas, John Kemp, Shadrack Kemp, Joshua Kemp, and surnames of Glanville, Cooper, Wooden, Dean, Belt, Philpot, Parrish, Johnson ( Fayette and Hickman), Osborn, Ambrose, and I believe several Gills are buried in the little churchyard. If you would like the complete list, I'd be happy to send it to you.

I have been unable to find "Amanda, Ruth, and John Gill, all children of a Mary Gill". I did find a Joseph Gill and a Mary Gill in Chesterfield Va., who had an Amanda Gill and possibly a Ruth Gill, but I've been unable to find out anything about them. Do you know of an Amanda, Ruth and John Gill, all children of a Mary Gill? I'm hoping this will help us break through a 20 year brick wall, for we have been looking for our John Kemp's origins and parents for these 20 years with little success. We know he was born 12 Jan 1750, possibly in or near Hampstead, Maryland, but we aren't 100% sure about the location of his birth. Of course we have looked through the Gills surrounding the Kemps in this area of Northern Baltimore County, but no one has an Amanda with a John and Ruth. I don't have any idea how old these children would have been in 1823, at the time John Kemp wrote his will and left some things to them in his will. Of course it's possible they were just friends, but I have to think there was a family relationship of some kind here. Other families connected with these Kemps at about this time were, Caples, Orrick, Woodcock, Brown, Scoggins, Cullison, Harvey and possibly Gist, Tipton, Merryman, Price, Gott, Parrish, Johnson, and others. I've looked at the Gill websites, but haven't found the Gills I am searching for, nor any Kemp marriages with the Gills.

John Kemp witnessed a will for John Price Jr. 1809 Baltimore County, and the Price family also helped found the Dover Methodist Church. In this will of John Price Jr., mentiones wife, Urith, and grandchildren " John Price Gill, Mary Gill, and Mordecai Gill ( children of his daughter, Leah (Price) Gill).,. Also mentioned in the will is Lewis Pitts ( my g-g-grandfather, Charles Orrick Kemp ( great-grandson of John Kemp born 1750), married Eliza Pitts, who I believe was a grandaughter to the mentioned Lewis Pitts).

My Shadrack Kemp was Executor, with Benjamin Price in the will of Lewis Pitts 1829, Baltimore County, Maryland., and John Kemp, with William Lynch and Nehemiah Underwood, were witnesses for John Price will 1786 Baltimore County, Md.. It certainly seems the Kemps, Gills, and Price family ( as well as the Pitts and Orricks) were all connected. I can connect all of these people with the other families, but there are no marriages shown between my Kemps and the Gills, Prices, Underwoods, etc., it's really amazing and driving me crazy.

Just a quick Kemp line rundown.. John Kemp born 12 Jan 1750 probably Maryland, married Mary (?)... John and Mary Kemp had 4 children, William ( died young at 15), Elizabeth who married Edward Brown son of Hugh Brown who was son of George Brown of Westminster, Maryland; Shadrack Kemp married Henietta Caples, and Joshua Kemp who married twice, Elizabeth Caples, and Angelina Scoggins ( of Barrett). My line from here is .. Shadrack Kemp who married Henrietta Caples had Charles Orrick Kemp who married Eliza Pitts ( probably grandaughter to Lewis Pitts).

I would appreciate any information concerning these elusive Gills, K. Kemp Dobe

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