1.) John Gill emigrated from England to Maryland in the latter 1600's. He married Catherine Perridier, a French Huguenot.

2.) Robert Gill. He married Lydia Wood.

3.) Charles Gill, born February 25, 1759 in Bedford County, Virginia. He married Rebecca Stevens in 1780. She was born December 25, 1761.

4.) Alexander Gill, born 1781. Reared in Virginia. He married Polly Goggin in 1801. They lived in Virginia.

5.) William Stephen Gill, born 1811 in Shelbyville, Tennessee. He married Salina Henrietta Evans. They moved to Nacogdoches, Texas in 1833.   He fought in the battle of San Jacinto and his name is on the San Jacinto Monument. They moved to Bosqueville, Texas in 1850. Bosqueville is just north of Waco.

6.) William Alexander Gill (called ‘Bud Billy'), born June 28, 1843. He joined the Confederate Army in 1860. He married Frances Rosella Garlington in 1866. She was born August 12, 1850.  William A., Frances ‘Fannie', her mother, Sarah Garlington and her 13 year old brother, Allen Garlington, left their home in Bosqueville in December 1866 for Galveston, Texas, where they waited for the ship, ‘Derby', to arrive. It came in January, 1867 where they and about 300 others boarded the ship to sail for South America to live. The ship was wrecked off the west coast of Cuba in a storm. Staying in Cuba with a plantation owner for a couple of weeks, they caught a ship headed for New York.  Missing the ship to Rio by a few days, they stayed a short time in New York. Finally, they boarded a ship going to Rio de Janeiro, arriving in Rio in May 1867. The group went from there to northwest of Sao Paulo where they settled, naming the colony ‘Americana'. The Gills and Garlingtons returned to the United States in the spring of 1870, going to their home in Bosqueville. One infant son was born in September 1867 and died in Brazil. Another son, Willie, was born there but later died in a fire at age 9 in Comanche County, Texas.

This information is from the book The Elusive Eden - Frank McMullan's Confederate Colony in Brazil, by William Clark Griggs, Copyright 1987 by the University of Texas Press, All rights reserved, Printed in the United States of America, First edition, 1987.  University of Texas Press, Box 7819, Austin, Texas 78713-7819.

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