Bedford City, Va., February 1898 (Formerly Liberty.)

"John Gill emigrated from England to America and settled in Maryland and Married Catherine Perridier, a "French Hugenot.

Robert Gill, his son, Married Lydia Wood; their son,

Charles Gill, (Born Feb. 25 1759), married Rebecca Stevens, ( Born Dec. 25, 1761 ), on December 25, 1780. This couple came to Bedford County, Virginia."  Children of Charles Gill and Rebecca Stevens:

  1. Alexander Gill married Polly Goggin, Nov. 13 1801
  2. Sallie Gill marriedArmstead Otey, Jan. 13, 1806
  3. Jenny Gill married Jack H. Leftwich, Oct. 26, 1808
  4. March C. Gill married Mack Wainwright, Oct. 26, 1818
  5. Mary Wainwright, Widow married Capt. John Hopkins Otey.
  6. Charles Gill married Ann Holt, Nov. 5, 1842

A partial list; sixteen children were to Charles Gill and Rebecca Stevens. I cannot say how many lived to be grown.

Marriage of Stephen Goggin, Jr. and Rachel Moorman, Oct. 26, 1770; daughter of Thomas Rachel Moorman. Children of Stephen Goggin, Jr. and Rachel his wife, viz; Parmelia Goggin, Pleasant M. Goggin, Polly Goggin, Nancy Goggin, Thomas Goggin, William Goggin, Betsy Goggin, and Stephen Goggin.


  1. Samuel Clemons and Parmelia Goggin, Oct. 23, 1797.
  2. Alexander Gill and Polly Goggin, Nov. 13, 1801
  3. Pleasant M. Goggin and Polly Leftwich, July 31, 1807
  4. Obediah Tate and Nancy Goggin,--
  5. Thomas Goggin and Polly Walden, Dec. 23, 1812
  6. William Goggin and Parmelia Tate, Nov. 20, 1810
  7. Betsy Goggin and Samuel Field,--
  8. Betsy Field, Widow, and John B. Witt,--
  9. Stephen Goggin and Jack Robinson, Dec 25, 1808

At a court held in Bedford County, June 22, 1778, present; Robert Ewing, John Talbot, John Callaway, William Callaway and William Leftwich, Gentlemen.

Stephen Goggin, Jr., 2nd. Lieut. and Hinmann Wooster, Ensign under Capt. Tate, recommended to his excellency the Governor as proper persons to act as Militia officers.

At a court held for Bedford County Nov. 23, 1778, present: Robert Ewing, Francis Thorpe, William Leftwich, Isham Talbot, Henry Buford, Jeremiah Early, James Callaway, William Callaway, Charles Gwatkin, Thomas Arthur, Gentlemen Stephen Goggin, Jr. 2nd Lieut. qualified according to law.

The foregoing pages contain true copies from the records of the county court of Bedford County.

Note by FOC.  This document clearly contains a mixture of authentic public court records and oral tradition.  Exercise caution!

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