“THE OTHER WILLIAM GILL” and son COLONEL WILLIAM GILL of Mecklenburg Co., Va. and Granville, Co., N. C.

Herewith are some records of WILLIAM GILL, b. ca. 1717-1722, of Mecklenburg Co., Va., d. 1780. He was in title rolls (Bell: Sunlight on Southside, pp. 121, 165, 180, 190, 197, 251), Lunenburg Co., Va. in 1749, with MICHAEL GILL consecutive 1750 and 1752, with JOSEPH GILL consecutive 1764 (Mecklenburg Co. formed 1765). They were not found in Lunenburg after Mecklenburg was split off 1764-1765. . According to LDS and published records he m. FRANCES POYTHRESS. Much of his many acres of land was on Tewayhomony Creek (var. spellings), later called Aaron’s Creek, now part of boundary between Mecklenburg and Halifax Cos., Va. Members of this family expanded south across the state line into Granville Co., NC. He was quite prominent and was probably the man referred to as William Gill, Colonel of NC Horse Regiment. His will dated 3 July 1780 (Will Book 1, p. 355) named wife Frances, 9 children, and two sons-in-law: Thomas Pool and Bartlett Greer. A codicil gave a daughter 400 acres and mill on west side of Aaron’s Creek in Halifax Co., Va.

Known children were:

  1. Joseph Gill, b. 1742, d. 10 Mar 1819; Nanny (Ann) Gill, b. ca. 1744, m. Bartlett Greer;
  2. Sarah Gill, b. ca. 1746;
  3. Jane Gill, b. ca. 1748;
  4. Mary Gill, b. ca. 1750;
  5. Frances Gill, b. ca. 1752;
  6. Robert Gill, b. ca. 1754;
  7. WILLIAM GILL, JR., b. ca. 1758, m. JUDITH MAYNARD of Mecklenburg Co., Va. on 8 Dec 1783;
  8. Obedience Gill, b. ca. 1762 m. Childers; a daughter, b. ca. 1762, m. Thomas Pool.


His records indicate that William Gill, b. ca. 1717-1722, was of the same generation as Henry Gill of Lunenburg Co., VA. It is possible they were relatives but no proof has been found. The sons of these two men named William show that Henry’s son William was 8 years older and died 19 years earlier than the below William Jr. Tithe lists indicate close relationship between the elder William Gill, Michael Gill, Joseph Gill, and Peter Gill. William had a son Joseph b. 1742 with him in 1764 list. Michael Gill with William Gill in 1750 and 1752 lists possibly a brother. Thomas Gill for whom Gills Creek in Bedford Co. (now in Franklin Co.), Va. was named appears to be the same as in tithe list of Lunenburg for 1749.

COLONEL WILLIAM GILL, JR., b. ca. 1758, in what was later Mecklenburg Co., Va.. He was married as noted above to Judith Maynard. She predeceased him. The Raleigh (N. C.) Register issue of Friday, 20 Sept. 1816, p. 3, col. 5, reported his death. “Col. Wm. Gill of Granville county, an old revolutionary officer”, died lately. His father began buying land in Granville across the line in N. C. fairly early. William Jr. moved there and became a prominent citizen. He became a justice of the county court and apparently a colonel in the county militia. In the absence of a will there is no concise list of his children, but a study of his estate papers would yield some answers in that regard.

 These are records pieced together by FOC, and are not as well put together as those of Charles McDaniel:

William Gill b<1724 - d>1783. Wm. Gill granted 400 acres on land south side of Roanoke River, Pittsylvania Co., 1745. Pittsylvania Co. lies due west of Halifax, contains Danville, VA in 1835. Major Stith's Note-Book, Surveyor's Notes (Mrs. Clark p98). Wm. Gill of Cumberland Par., Lunenburg Co., granted 400 acres, both sides of Terahomony Creek, Halifax Co. 1755 (Mrs. Clark p98). Wm. Gill of Cumberland Par., Lunenburg Co. and Frances, his wife, deed to Henry Stafford for Lb24, 400 acres on Terahomony Creek, Halifax Co. 16 Nov.. 1756. Wit: Larkin, Mary, & James Johnston. Halifax Co. Deeds I 220 (Mrs. Clark p98). Wm. Gill, Sr., granted 400 acres in Halifax Co., 1765 (Mrs. Clark p99). Wm. Gill of Lunenburg Co. on Tax List for 1751, 1752, 1764, 1772, 1773, 1774, 1775, 1776, 1783; generally listed with Henry Gill. Under date 1764, Wm. Gill, "constable" is listed has having 100 acres (Mrs. Clark p98). Wm. Gill, Jr., witness to deed 10 July 1769 Halifax Co., VA (Mrs. Clark p99). Wm. Gill signed petition for Rev. James Craig 12 Aug. 1781 Lunenburg Co., VA (Mrs. Clark p100). Wm. Gill married Judity Maynard 8 Dec. 1783 Mecklinburg Co., VA, Security Nicholas Maynard. (Mrs. Clark: This Wm. gill was probably son of Wm. Gill will 1780-1781, Mecklinburg Co., and moved to Iredell Co., NC where his will of 1797 is recorded)(Mrs. Clark p101)

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