Middlesex County , Virginia

Wills and Inventories


1. 1. 155) Alexander Gill, guardian to Jacob Urie, orphan of John Urie. 1 Jun 1762

2.. (p.317) Appraisal of Estate of Alexander Gill, deal., for Hannah Gill administratrix. 5 April 1767

3. (p.269) Hannah Gill administratrix to Alexander Gill. 3 Jun 1766

4. (!).78) Appraisal of Estate of Alexander Gill, deal. 5 April 1767

Jacobs vs Lee 1789 (Nov)

Benjamin Jacobs and Betty Jacobs vs James Lee, administrator de bonis non of Hannah Gill, deal.

1 Oct. 1787

Benjamin Jacobs and Betty Jacobs state that Hannah Gill died intestate and without issue. Benjamin Jacobs and Betty Jacobs are the children of Betty Jacobs, sister of Hannah Gill, and her husband Nicholas Jacobs. Hannah Rice, Elizabeth Rice, George Rice and Nelson Rice were the childern of Jacob Rice, a brother of Hannah Gill. All of the Rice children are dead as infants except Elizabeth Rice who married John Daniel and he was named as administrator of the estate of Hannah Gill, deal. John Daniel died intestate leaving one son, Overton Daniel, and his widow Elizabeth (Rice) Daniel. Mrs. Elizabeth Rice Daniel then married James Lee, bet lL l,ee and she is now dead. 10 Oct 1787

John Ross deposes that Nelson Rice died at his house some ttme before the war. Richard Bristow deposes that Benjamin Jacobs and Elizabeth Jacobs are the Ofl'y children of Elizabeth Jacobs, decd. (who was Elizabeth Rice) and that Betty Jacobs and Jacob Rice were the only brother and sister of Hannah Gill who had neither father or mother living at the time of her death.

Tobias Allen deposes that Hannah Rice married Alexander Gill and that Jacob Rice and Betty Rice were both dead before Hannah Gill. James Deagle deposes Henry Chowning deposes that 3 Apr 1777 was the date of the sale of Hannah Gill's estate. Thomas Segar deposes that he was at the sale of Alexander Gill's estate, that he was an appraiser of Hannah Gill's estate and that Mr. John Daniel and Mrs. Daniel bought a slave at the estate sale. Samuel Brookes deposes that on 1 Jan 1781 he heard Mr. George Lorimer at the house of Benjamin Kidd tell James Lee that he had money belonging to Benjamin Jacobs who was then in the service of the said Lorimer. their depositions were taken in the Town of Urbanna at the Counting House of Overton Cosby & Co.) 8 Aug 1789

James Lee states that Mrs. Hannah Gill died in Feb 1771 intestate and without issue. John Daniel married Elizabeth Rice in 1767 and died in Apr 1772 leaving one son, Overton Daniel.

In Jan 1774, James Lee married Elizabeth (Rice) Daniel. Sworn before Thomas Segar. 11 Nov 1788

In the book, "Historic Buildings in Middlesex County, Virginia, 1650-1775" by Louise E. Gray, et al, page 68: "The Tavern" lot 62, was one of the five lots assigned in the town (Urbanna) between 1740 and 1757. Capt. John Wilcox, Town Mariner, "has built (on the lot)." Twenty years later, Edmund Wilcox, son of John, conveyed the property to ALEXANDER GILL. His son, David Gill, of the city of Aberdeen of Great Britain, sold to James Gregorie in 1772, who later sold to Charles Neilson." NOTE: This building still stands in the county and is in the words of this book's author, "no doubt more handsome and more comfortable now than when built in the mid-eighteenth century, although much of its early appearance has been preserved by the present owner."

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