I'm working on a book about the construction of the Missouri Capitol, built from 1913-1919.  The prime contractor for the project was John F. Gill & Sons. I believe they were from Cleveland.

The company apparently was a prominent contracting company in its time. While a lot of documents exist in the state archives here, I am interested in documents from the Gill side of the process, as well as any photographs of Mr. Gill, his son, Kermode, and any company officials who were involved in this work.

Can you help me learn:

What happened to the company? What happened to John and Kermode? Are there any company records available either through family members or through some archive, historical society, or other source?

The Gill company also was in cahoots with a stone cutter and tried to get our Capitol Commission Board to approve plans to open a quarry in which both had an interest to produce the stone for the building. The Board had a long wrestling match with these two and I'd be interested in any correspendence between them. That correspondence might show up in company or family records.

It's quite a story, at least based on what I have learned from the files of the Capitol Commission Board. If you can find someone who can fill in some blanks---and maybe even produce a volume of additional material--I'd appreciate it.


Bob Priddy, News Director

The Missourinet

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