Re: Mrs. Jenkins and Mrs. Porter as sisters, they are not, as proved in the

will of John GILL... Nancy Gill/Jenkins nor her descendants named.

Mrs. Jenkins / Mrs. Porter both are related to the founder of GILL Township in Sullivan Co., Indiana, both related through the William GILL, but not as sisters.

The newspaper stories I sent were written 2 separate times, by 2 separate authors about the founders and families in GILL township. Mr. Brewer writes a different story than Ms. Harris. But both discuss the James GILL land grant and the different families, stories of founding, etc. Sorry for the confusion, I saw that Mrs. Jenkins has been added to the John GILL family. I believe that to be an error. She belongs in a different yet I am still searching...

Re: another group of GILLs in Mt. Sterling, Ky. The Gill/Cresswell group.

They also have an Indiana connection through these same people, but all are different branches. The Gill/Cresswell daughters also marry Porter men in Ky.

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