Daniel Straton Gill died 15 Nov.. 1756 SSP, NC. (Clark p55) Northumberland County, VA

Anne Gill chooses guardian 1769 Northumberland CO. (father must have died c1769)

Virginia Colonial Abstracts - Series 2 Vol 1 - Northumberland Co.,Va.

1678-1713 ** Duvall, pub. Southern Historical Press.

+pg. 103, Court 19 Jan. 1705/6

(pg. 370) John Bales ack. D/S of 150 acres to Thomas GILL as alsoe Angell (Bales) his wife Relinquishes her right to Dower.

Court 20 Mar. 1705/6

Col. Peter Presly and john Steptoe sworn Justices of the Peace.

+pg.95 - Court 15 Sept. 1703

Cert. to Mr. John Carnegie, 2400 acres, trans. of 48 persons: Wm Godnell, Xpher King, John Mason, Wm Ollibo, Wm Seward, John Duke, John Mare, Robert Crouch, Wm Keene, Wm Langsdon, Anthony Hogherd, Benj Coleman, Mary Newell, Mary Crouch, Hannah Staynie, Elizabeth Hobson, Dennis Mahonny, Margt Cowland, Wm Pritchett, Wm. McKinall, Joseph Taylor, john Parsons, Danniel Clerke, Rebecca Clerke, ffrancis Willard, William Nellagon, Elizabeth Wilcox, Robert Reeves, Mathew Benthan, Lawrence Oneale, Catherine Langsdon, Stephen Clackerett, Humphrey Veale, Danniel Olegney, Evan Jones, Solomon Jones, David Murray, Henry Mathare, Edward Rainsford, Mary Gridly, Mary Savey, Isaac Mordam, JOHN GILL, Patience Gridly, Elizabeth Wollham, John Phipp, Michael GILL, James White. The above named 1st named by John Way, the next 2 by Thomas Hughlett, next 2 by John Reason, next 19 by Samuel Smith, the following by Robert Reeves and the remaining 20 by Capt. Phill. Shapleigh. Motion of Hannah Shapleigh, widdow and Relict of Thomas Shapleigh, dec'd. a Com. of Adm. to her.

+pg. 82 Court 15 Jan 1700/1

Motion of Isabella Linton, a Probate to her of the Last will of John Linton, dec'd, proved by ffra. Dawson, James Crean, James Crean,Jr., and DAVID GILL.

Court 19 ffeb. 1700/1

Motion of William NEALE, A Com. of Adm. with the Will annexed of Dan. NEALE, dec'd., and the will proved by James Rogers & Eliz. Annoy. Richard Ruth and Eliz. his wife, relict of John Brewer, dec'd that John Brewer, made a will but nominated no exor. therein and prayed Adm. on the said Estate.

+pg. 84 Court 20 Mar. 1700/1

Thomas Webb, Joseph Hoult, Edward Sanders, George Crosby, Thomas Kesterton to App. the Estate of Thomas BERRY dec'd being sworn by the Next Justice and ordered that Margaret GILL late Margaret BERRY Exx of sd. dec'd Exhibit an Inventory.

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Records in the Library of Virginia: Northumberland- Births: Reel 28, 1853-1896, missing 1855, 1863-64, 1868-69, 1882, 1887, 1889, 1895. Deaths: Reel 21, 1853-1896, missing 1861, 1863, 1864, 1868-69, 1882, 1887, 1895. Marriages: Reel 36, 1853-1881; Reel 36, 1882-1935.

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