John Gill born in New York State in 1797 died 1857 in Albany.  Spouse (maybe Elizabeth).  He may be the Elusive John Gill son of Daniel Gill born in Norwich England 1756 died in Stoney Creek NY 1844 born 1797-1802 in NY probably Albany or surrounds, his son  Matthew Gill was born March 28th 1828 in Albany NY.  I have found that they had several more children and from Babtizm records found out the names of some of the sponsers. I believe that the Gills were Protestant or Presby and that the Lutheran part came in with the Emerich side.

Children of John Gill as far as is known

  1. Theodore Gill 1827
  2. Matthew Gill 1828.  Matthew Gill was born March 28th 1828 in Albany NY, died March 22 1903 in Albany NY.  Matthew Gill Cabinet maker and Civil War Vet born March in New York State 1828 . died March 1903 in Albany NY.   Matthews obit shows that he was laid out at his daughters home and then buried at St Johns Lutheran Cemetery with his wife but there was no church service. Matthew was a civil war veteran when he married Margaret Emerick born in 1843 in Prussia died May 1st 1881 in Albany NY, she left the following children:  Elizabeth Gill (Martha) born April 1865, Upon her mothers death Elizabeth kept house for her father and brothers she married Edward Gardineer in 1888; Robert Gill born 1868 married a woman by the name of Ginny, they had one son John; Mathew Gill jr.29, Sept., 1871 and died 9, Feb,1952 married a woman by the name of Margaretha Anna KALMES.   CHARLES GILL born 1875; WILLIAM GILL born 1877.   Other notes : Mathew Gill - was a civil war veteran USV Sharp Shooters.  Matthew Gill cabinetmaker 417 Wash. avenue Albany NY 1889 Directory.  Matthew Gill cabinetmaker 124 Lexington avenue Albany NY 1890.  Matthew Gill cabinetmaker house 105 Sherman Albany NY 1891.  After the war Matthew Married Margaret Emerich/Emerick born in Prussia c. 1840 the daughter of Carolina and Friedrich Emerich she died in Albany May 1st 1881 age 39 years. She is buried at St Johns, Sand Creek Cemetery.  All known children:
    1. Martha Elizabeth Born 1866 Albany NY, Known as Elizabeth married Edward Gardineer in Albany NY in 1888
    2. Robert Henry Heavnor Gill baptized 1868 at St Johns Lutheran Church Albany NY.  The witnesses at the baptism were Winfield Heavnor and (I think) Magdalina Schaefer
    3. Friedreck Gill 28 Sep 1869, died 17 Mar 1871 The whitness at the baptism was Friedreck Emmerich perhaps his uncle who was also a civil war vet.
    4. Matthew Gill born 29 Sep 1871 in Albany NY the whitnesses at Matthew Jr.s baptism St Johns Lutheran were Jay Gill and Margaretha Anna Gill Died 9 Feb 1952.  other notes : Matthew J. Gill clerk boards 105 Sherman Albany NY 1891 Directory
    5. Karl (Charles) Gill born 5 Mar 1874 witness for his baptism , .St Johns Lutheran Church Albany, were Carolina and Friederick Emmerich his grandparents from Prussia
    6. William Gill born 3 Mar 1877, William Jay and Cathrina Sill (Gill?) for whitnesses.
    7. Jacob Gill born 9 Aug 1880, Jacob Schuooler was witness at baptism. St Johns Lutheran.
  3. Frederick Gill 1829
  4. Thomas Gill 1830
  5. William Gill 1831

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