The following is a summary of the Gill family of New York and Michigan.


(1) Samuel Gill (1769-1856) married Nancy Graves (1772-1814), children #1-11; married second to Sally _______ (1793-1868) children #12-15,   children:

  1. Adolphus (1792-1873)
  2. John (1794-1864) Skenesborough [now Whitehall], NY)
  3. Samuel, Jr. (1796- ? ) (b. 1796, Ft Ann, NY)
  4. Sarah (1798- ? )
  5. Melinda (1800-1835)
  6. Ira (1802-1804)
  7. Nancy (1804- ? )
  8. Erastus (1806-1808)
  9. Horace (1809- ? )
  10. Betsy (1810-1832)
  11. Alfred (1813- ? )
  12. Lewis W. (1817-1899)
  13. Sophia ( ? - ? )
  14. Laura ( ? - ? )
  15. Minerva ( ? - ? )

Little is known about (1) Samuel Gill, neither his birthplace nor the country from which he or his ancestors emigrated. The above information comes from The Family History of Ladd J. Lewis, published 1921 (Ladd Lewis shares a common ancestor through (3) Samantha Gill). The census records of 1810 place Samuel Gill in Eaton, Madison County, New York. Lewis claims that Samuel's father's name was John Gill, commissioned 2nd Lieutenant, Albany Co. Militia, 17th Regiment in 1775, but I have not been able to substantiate it. There is, however, a John Gill who was one of the original 25 grantees of land in the settlement of Skenesborough in 1765 (see note under (2) John Gill).   Samuel Gill is buried in a country cemetery at Punkshire Corners, north of Arcade, in Wyoming County, New York (about 30 miles southeast of Buffalo). With Samuel in this cemetery are his second wife, Sally, along with (2) John Gill and his wife, Harriet.

(1) Adolphus Gill (1792-1873) married (1815) Eliza Parmalee (1800-1841) (all children by her), married second to Fanny Graves.  Children:

  1. Sarah A. (1816-1838)
  2. Samantha (1818-1896)
  3. Erastus (1820-1892)
  4. Mary (1821-1862)
  5. Nancy (1823-1861)
  6. Caroline (1825-1897)
  7. Orrin (1827- ? )
  8. William (1829-1843)
  9. Alvira (1831-1830) [sic]
  10. James (1833- ? )
  11. David (1836- ? )
  12. Sumner (1838-1862)
  13. Ann Eliza (1841-1858)

(2) John Gill (1794-1864) married (1822) Harriet Anderson (1800-1860), children:

  1. Henry A. (1824-1895)
  2. Alfred J. (1830-1897)
  3. John Jay (1833-1901)
  4. Charles ( ? - ? )

According to his newspaper obituary, (2) John Gill had been born in Skenesborough, New York. The town is presently called Whitehall and is located in Washington County, at the south end of Lake Champlain. This settlement had an interesting history. It was started in 1765 as a grant of 25,000 acres of land by King George III to a Major Philip Skene. Skene was born in London in 1725, of Scotch parents. Along with 24 associates, he intended to establish the township of Skenesborough, giving each family a tract of 1000 acres. One of the associates was a John Gill, although the date of the grant is 29 years before (2) John Gill was born.

The settlement apparently thrived, with the operation of a sawmill and the mining of iron ore. Through purchases and additional grants, the township grew to over 56,000 acres. However, as a British subject during the Revolutionary War (he had previously left military service), Skene was twice imprisoned. In 1779, the State of New York confiscated his property, and Skene and his son were declared enemies of the State. Despite articles supporting his cause, in the peace treaty signed by Great Britain and the United States after the war, Skene was never able to get his land restored to him. The land was sold off at a fraction of its value.

The name of Skene's settlement was later changed, but not before (2) John Gill was born there. John's wife came from South Deerfield, Massachusetts. They were farmers, and they lived in the town of Eaton, Madison County, New York. This is about 30 miles southeast of Syracuse. The first recorded land ownership that I noted was a parcel of 53 acres sold in 1822 to AJohn Gill of Eaton@, although I can't say for sure if this was our John (he would have been 28 years old).

In 1834, John and Harriet sold their property and moved to Wyoming County. They were both listed as residents of the town of China (present-day Arcade) at the times of their deaths. John and his wife are buried in Wyoming County along with his parents (see note under (1) Samuel Gill).

(3) Alfred J. Gill (1830-1897) married (1855) Harriet Eliza Rogers (1836-1917), children:

  1. William Everett (1856-1942)
  2. Alice H. (1867-1864)
  3. Mark W. (1865- ? )

(3) Alfred Gill was born in Madison County, New York, probably in the town of Eaton. When he was five, his parents sold the farm there and moved to Genesse County, where they purchased 200 acres and Aengaged in sheep-raising and wool-growing@. The county was subsequently divided, and the farm then resided in Wyoming County. The location was listed as the town of China, an early name for present-day Arcade.

The parents of Alfred's wife, Harriet E. Rogers, were Calvin Rogers (1795-1890) and Emily Hotchkiss (1800-1878). Calvin Rogers was known locally as an architect and builder, whose signature act upon completion of construction was to climb to the highest part of the structure and stand on his head! The parents of Calvin Rogers were James Rogers (1765- ? ) and Dorothy Leonard. I have the genealogy of Emily Hotchkiss back to 1554.

At some point Alfred took up residence in Holland, Eire County, New York, although this town is only about five miles northwest of Arcade. In 1865, Alfred moved his family to Kent County, Michigan, west of Grand Rapids (Walker Township). The family passed through Buffalo at the time Abraham Lincoln=s funeral train was making its way across the country to a burial in Springfield, Illinois.

Alfred purchased 100 acres in Walker Township and in 1869 built a substantial residence at an expenditure of about $3000@. The home still stands. Alfred and his wife are buried in a family plot in Greenwood Cemetery in Grand Rapids.

(4)  William Everett Gill (1856-1942) married (1882) Florence N. Calhoun (1857-1914), children:

  1. William, Jr. (died in infancy)
  2. Roger (died in infancy)
  3. Gaylord Calhoun (1894-1965)
  4. Corrington (1898-1947)

(4) William Gill had a second wife, Ulrica Louise Thomas (married 1924)

(4) William Gill was nine years old when his family moved from New York State to western Michigan, in 1865. He lived the remainder of his life in Grand Rapids. He attended Swensberg Business College and was a school teacher for seven years. In later years he was secretary and treasurer of Plumb & Lewis Manufacturing, and held similar positions in the Wolverine Spice Co.

The parents of William's wife Florence were John Hunter Calhoun (1815-1902) and Mary Corrington (1820-1903). They were at one time living in Peoria, Illinois. The paternal grandparents of Florence were Alexander Calhoun (1784-1839) and Anna Phillips ( ? -1832); the maternal grandparents of Florence were Samuel Corrington (1786-1872) and Ruth Dickinson (1792-1832).

William and his wife are buried in Oakhill Cemetery in Grand Rapids.

(5) Gaylord Calhoun Gill (1894-1965) married (1916) Nella Eva Wagemaker (1892-1971), children:

  1. Gaylord Calhoun, Jr. (1918-1979)
  2. William Everett III (1924- )

(5) Gaylord Gill was the first of this Gill line to be born in Michigan. He was born in, and lived his whole life in, Grand Rapids. He was also the first to attend a university, entering the University of Michigan at the tender age of 16. He held a vice-presidency in the Wolverine Spice Co., working with his father. Following this he started Gill=s Food City, a local chain of grocery stores. In later years he operated The Boat House, an outdoor recreation store co-owned with his son, Gaylord Jr.

The parents of Gaylord's wife, Nella, were Isaac Wagemaker (1870-1923) and Elizabeth Van Dommelen (1868-1936). Isaac=s father was Hubrecht Wagemaker (1836- ? ), who came to America in the 1850=s as a young man from the Netherlands. Isaac=s mother was Pieternella Hoage. The parents of Elizabeth were Cornelius Van Dommelen (1838-1913) and Margareta Hoogewerf (1841-1915).

Gaylord and his wife are buried in Oakhill Cemetery, along with his parents.

(6) Gaylord C. Gill, Jr. (1918-1979) married (1941) Etta Margaret Lawrence (1919- ).  3 children.

(6) Gaylord, Jr., is another Gill who lived his entire life in Grand Rapids. He didn't attend college, but he served in the Army during World War II. Most of his life he worked for or with his father. In later years Gaylord sold real estate. He was an avid outdoorsman, enjoying hunting and fishing, and he had several fine collections of stamps, coins and firearms.

The parents of Gaylord=s wife, Margaret, were Howard C. Lawrence (1890-1961) and Clara L. Luther (1890-1984). Margaret=s paternal grandparents were Cyrus S. Lawrence (1844-1924) and Maggie Neidhardt (1890-1895), and her maternal grandparents were Alexander T. Luther (1854-1942) and Etta May Talcott (1863-1953). We have a great deal of information about the Lawrence line, which is English.

This Gaylord is also buried in Oakhill Cemetery.

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