1810 Jefferson Co., OH Tax List

Gill, John Short Creek

Gill, Joseph Mt. Pleasant

1816 Harrison Co., OH (county west of Jefferson)

Gill, John Shortcreek


1787 April 02: Ann GILL & children. Thomas, John & Samuel [Same people as 1776 Frederick Co., MD census?]

1788 December 01: John GILL rec'd from Indian Spring MM, dated 17 Nov. 1786 (not recorded sooner because of some obstacle, which is now removed)

1795 August 03: Thomas GILL complained of for non-attendance & "attended musters"

1796 May 02: Thomas GILL reported married contrary to discipline Note: Thomas Gill m. Hannah Patterson 23 November 1795 [same people?]

1810 December 03: Ann GILL granted certificate to Short Creek MM


1807 January 17: Joseph GILL received from Indian Spring MM (Montgomery Co., MD) dated 17 January 1806

1808 December 20: Ann GILL & son William received by request

1810 October 23: Susanna GILL received by request

1811 May 21: Ann GILL received on certificate from Hopewell MM dated 03 Dec. 1810

1812 November 24: John GILL received by request

1817 July 22: Elizabeth GILL received by request

1818 August 18: Priscilla GILL received by request

1828 March 18: Susanna GILL & children: John, Susanna & Salkel granted certificate to Fairfield MM (Highland Co. OH)

1831 February 24: John Gill granted certificate to Greenplain MM (H) (Clark Co., OH)

1836 Mary 24: John W. GILL disowned

1837 May 23: James disowned disunity

1839 June 18: Nancy Flemming (former GILL) disowned married contrary to discipline

Note: Marriages Jefferson Co., OH

GILL, John W. m. Rhoda A. Smith

GILL, Nancy m. George M. Fleming 07 October 1838

GILL, James m. Mary Ann Parker 01 December 1842

GILL, Joseph & Nancy

Children: William S. b. 29 July 1806 d. 16 March 1869 somewhere in Illinois;

John W. b. 21 November 1809; James H. b. 31 January 1813; Nancy b. 29 July 1815

Short Creek MM

1828 March 18: Susanna GILL & children: John, Susanna & Salket granted certificate to Fairfield MM (Highland Co., OH)

Fairfield MM (Highland Co., OH)

1828 December 27: Susanna GILL & children: John, Susanna & Salkill received from Short Creek

Short Creek MM

1831 February 24: John GILL granted certificate to Green Plain MM (Clark Co., OH) Green Plain MM

1831 April 05: John GILL received from Short Creek MM

1831 April 05: Susanna GILL & children: John, Susanna & Saltkill received from Fall Creek MM (Highland Co., OH)

1831 April 23: Susanna GILL & children granted certificate to Green Plain MM

Pricilla GILL d/o John & Susanna Gill m. Benjamin Worrall s/o Jonathan &

Eleanor Worrall 01 September 1819, Jefferson Co., OH

Elizabeth GILL d/o John & Susann Gill m. James Hoops s/o Nathan & Elizabeth Hoops

Short Creek MM Mt. Pleasant (Jefferson Co.) OH 1845

January 06: Nancy GILL d. age 68 buried Short Creek

December 01: Joseph GILL d. age 82 buried Short Creek

LDS Film # 0875963 Ohio, Belmont Co. Deed Records V. 40-41 1856-1857

John W. Gill and wife, Rhoda of City of Wheeling State of VA to Mary Jane Laws

James H. Gill and wife, Mary Ann P. Gill of County of Jefferson state of Ohio

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