____ Gill (born on or before 1880, if 21 when George was born) married Mary ___ (born on or before 1883 if 18 when George was born and lived in Waurika, OK when George Gill was placed in Cornish Children's Home, Cornish, OK. According to court records, his father was old and in bad health and unable to provide for him. In 1915 when George was transferred to Prior (orphanage), his parents were listed as whereabouts unknown. "Mrs. Gill" was listed as "of Yukon, (OK?)" when she visited George in the Cornish Children's Home records.

Two known children:

  1. George Gill born 1901 Waurika, OK. He was placed in the Cornish Children's Home in Cornish,Oklahoma, as a young boy. In 1915 George was transferred to an orphanize in Prior, OK, and the court record states his parents lived in Waurika at the time he was put in Cornish, and their whereabouts unknown at that time (1915). George listed his mother as Mary on his delayed birth certificate. George Gill said he was Choctaw and Louisiana French.
  2. Sarah Gill probably born 1908 or 1909 in Waurika, OK.   Initially placed in Cornish Children's Home in Cornish,Oklahoma.  She was moved c1919 to another orphanage in Oklahoma. Sarah Gill was adopted to a doctor in Kansas City when she was small, so she may have been adopted prior to 1919 when he was moved.

I am in search of information about Sarah. I have found no adoption records for her, so don't know for sure where she lived after she was adopted. If anyone has information regarding Sarah, I would like to hear from them. No parents names were given for George's parents. When she visited the children, she was only listed as Mrs. Gill. Thank you. Ted Gill e-mail: TEDWGILL@prodigy.net

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