David Gill of Wake Co., NC left a will 7 May 1788-June 1788. (will) One bond of Twenty Pounds Specie and sale of 100 acres of land on Island Creek for payment of debts; all my books to be equally divided among my children; to son James, "20 pounds of Virginia money ... as soon as conveniently suits my executors ... if paid in specie, it shall be equal to 20 pounds Virginia money in the way of trade at the time it is paid"; to dau. Elizabeth, 20 pound of Virginia money (same conditions as above); to son Jesse, my sorrel colt on condition he raise her; to dau. Susannah, my bed and furniture, chest, cotton wheel and cards; "whereas I have a legacy or child's part due to me in right of my wife of the estate of Thomas Mann, dec'd, now in the hands of Col. Thomas Eliott of King William Co., VA, I hereby authorize my son Isaac to recover and receive the same with equal power and authority as myself upon his own cost and charges and for his trouble (King William Co., VA is the location of "Mattapony Neck" today.). I give and bequeath to my son Isaac the said legacy with the interest thereof, to him and his heirs"; the rest of my beds and furniture to be equally divided between my sons David, Isaac, John, and Jesse; to these four sons and dau. Susannah, the plantation whereon I live, also the stock, furniture, and working tools. (Executors not named in transcript) Wit: Arnold Mann, John Mann, David Mann. Wills II, 48 (Mrs. Clark p103).  Known Children of David Gill of Wake Co., NC: James, Elizabeth, Jesse, Susannah, Isaac all b<1767, David 1755-67, John b<1767:

  1. James Gill b<1767 listed in 1788 will.
  2. Elizabeth Gill b<1767 listed in 1788 will.
  3. Jesse Gill b<1767, listed in 1788 will. Jesse Gill of Wake Co. makes affidavit that Wm. Barler was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.  1800 Wake Co., NC census page 732, 00010-40010-04
  4. Susannah Gill b<1767 listed in 1788 will.
  5. Isaac Gill b<1767, census 1790 Wake County, NC, Hillsborough Dist. 1 free white male >16. Wife: Edith Mobley.  1800 Wake Co., NC census page 732, 20010-10010-04.
  6. David  M. Gill b<1755-67. 1790 census Wake Co., Hillsborough Dist., NC, 1 fwm >16. David Gill of Iredell Co., NC bought land in Iredell Co., on "waters of South Yadkin, in 1797. David Gill (b. 1755-74) appears in the 1800 census Iredell Co, NC p610 20010 00010 00. 1812 Deed.  David M. Gill, b<1815, native of North Carolina, moved to Mississippi and then to Kentucky where he died at age 80 years; his wife was Maria Scott of South Carolina. Perhaps a son of the David Gill born 1755-67, or that same David Gill, if he died c1840 at age 80, he was born c1760, so it is here assumed that this is the David Gill born c1755-67. Can anyone supply this link? This same David M. Gill married Maria Scott, born in South Carolina, daughter of a Scottish schoolmaster.  Does anyone have census or other data on this man?  Five Known Children of David M. Gill:
    1. Sidney S. Gill an old school Presbyterian minister
    2. Robert B. Gill
    3. Edwin R. Gill born 16 Sept. 1836 in Marshall Co., MS 18 Sept. 1836; married Martha P. Hutchinson. Edwin was a Justice of the Peace for six years and taught school for 13 years in Mississippi. In 1877 he removed to Texas, where he taught and farmed for five years. He stopped teaching on account of ill health. He served one year in the Confederate Army, Forrest's Cavalry. He was also a licensed preacher in the Old School Presbyterian Church. He owned two farms, which he rented in his old age. He was a Free Mason, Knight of Honor, and member of the Farmer's Alliance.
    4. William R. Gill
    5. Rebecca M. Gill married Rev. L.O. Winslow.
  7. John Gill b<1767. Perhaps this is the John Gill of North Carolina Revolutionary War record, private soldier, Continental line, Revolutionary War, Lytle's Co., Abraham Shephard, Colonel, 1782. Name appears in a certified list of Revolutionary Claims. He was a private for the War in the Continental Line of the state (NC). Card Index shows envelope No. 1335, Signed by Archd Lyttle, Lt. Col. (not clear to which John Gill of NC this record refers)

If you have information on this family, please contact: Diann, Dan Olds, and Frank O. Clark

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