Peter Gill born <1711 (the son of Joseph had to be born before 1711 to be 21 at time of will.) died in 1755, son of Joseph Gill

Until 1749, these records are of two Peter Gills, and we have to sort them out!  One is the son of the eldest Joseph, the other is the brother of Webster, Daniel, and John.  One died in 1755, one died in 1749.  It is not clear which is which, nor to which a given record applies.

1721: Peter Gill & Joseph Gill his guardian against Abraham Burton, case of trespass heard by the court in August & 3 following months 1721, Henrico Co.  Why was Joseph Gill appointed guardian of a Peter Gill in 1721, and which Peter Gill was this?  This Joseph Gill has to be 21, or born on or before 1700.. Therefore, this Joseph Gill must be Joseph Gill b<1694 d1732, wife Elizabeth, and this Peter Gill must be his son.  This Peter Gill, son of Joseph, was therefore born 1701-21 (he was not yet 21 in 1721).  This is consistent with the <1711 required by the will.

1731 Peter his+mark Gill of Henrico & Chesterfield Co.s (same as New Kent Co.?). Sept. 1731 James Thompson of Henrico Co., appoints his wife Mary Thompson his attorney. 17 Aug. 1731. Wit: Alexander Wright, Peter (his+mark) Gill. Signed James Thompson. Rec. 1st Mon. in Sept. 1731 (p119 Henrico Co., VA Deeds 1706-1737, Weisiger 1988).  This Peter  his+markGill was born before 1710, again consistent with Joseph Gill's will.

1736: Peter Gill, "junior", Debit, 1736, 1 levy, 50 acres for Richard Dison. Clerks fees in Amelia. (Fleet's Colonial Abstracts, V21, Henrico, Sheriff's Acct. Book, Henrico Co, South Side of James River. p37).  Peter Gill, "junior," was born before 1715.

1736: Peter Gill, junior, Debit, 1736, 2 levys, 200 acres. To clerk's fee. To Col. Cobbs fees. Pd. by Col. Kennon. The other Peter Gill is charged with fees. (Fleet p37).

1736 Peter Gill, Junior, Debit for Quitrent for 200 acres (Fleet p39).

1736 A list of fees belonging to Co. Samuel Cobbs, clerk of Amelia received to collect for him of Persons in this County (including) Peter Gill, 55 Lbs. of tobo (Fleet Colonial Abstracts, V21, Sheriffs Account Book, Henrico Co., South Side of James River, p46).

5 Oct. 1736 Nicholas Dyson of Henrico Co. to Peter Gill of same, for £20, 50 acres next to his uncle Benjamin Dyson, on south side of Swift Creek in Dale Parish, bounded by the creek, Daniel Worsham, Dec;d, and John Willson. wit: Geo. Robertson, Minister, John Robertson, Anne (her+mark) Worsham, Sara (herSmark) Wilson. Signed Nicholas Dyson. Recorded 1st Mon. May 1737. (p159 Henrico Co., VA, Deeds 1706-1737, Weisiger 1988).

1739 Peter Gill security in estate of David Evans. Peter Gill security in estate of William Stiles ,Dec.

March Court 1739, Peter Gill security for Jane Evans as administrator of estate of David Evans. Thomas Bott, Charles Cousins, John Gibbs, and Mark More to appraise estate. (p5, Colonial Wills of Henrico Co., VA Part Two 1737-1981 with Addenda (revised), Weisiger 1991).

1744 (Henrico Co., VA, Court Orders 1737-1746 p19). December 1744, December Court 1744, Peter Gill & John Stiles security for Mary Stiles granted administration of estate of her dec'd husband, Wm. Stiles. Appraisers John Gibbs, John Rowlet, Thos Rowlet, and William Totty (p19, Colonial Wills of Henrico Co., VA Part Two 1737-1981 with Addenda (revised), Weisiger 1991).

1745 Peter Gill and Ralph Jackson security for Anne Eppes guardianship case (Henrico Co., VA, Court Order Book 1737-1746, p35).

February Court 1745, Anne Eppes, orphan of Lewis Eppes, dec'd, chooses Wm. Gates, her guardian, with Peter Gill and Ralph Jackson, security. (p35 Colonial Wills of Henrico Co, VA, Part Two 1731-1781 with Addenda (revised) Weisiger 1991).

25 Oct. 1745 Richard Stiles of Dale Parish, Henrico Co., sells land on south side of Old Town Creek, joining Mr. Charles Cousins and Peter Gill the younger (p18 Henrico Co., VA Deeds 1737-1750, Weisiger 1988).  Which Peter Gill is this "younger?"

10 March 1749, Seth Parkinson of Amelia Co. to Peter Gill of Chesterfield Co., for £40, 159 acres bounded by John Herbert, Mirey branch, Thomas Dancey. It is a tract left by will of Seth Parkinson the elder to said Seth, his son. No witnesses. Recorded 4 May 1750 (p9 Chesterfield Co., VA Deeds 1749-1756, Weisiger 1991).

14 Dec. 1749, Richard Witton of Lunenburg Co. to Peter Gill of Chesterfield Co., for £7/10, 1/2 acre lot in Wittontown, #27. No witnesses, recorded 4 May 1750 (one of many Witton sales)(p10 Chesterfield Co., VA Deeds 1749-1756, Weisiger 1991).

__________ Records below after other Peter Gill died in 1749 ____________

5 April 1751 Thomas Dance, Sr. of Chesterfield Co., to Stephen Dance, his son, for love and affection, 150 acres; being part of a tract where said Thomas now lives, to include the houses, adjoining John Robertson, Joseph Gill, and Humphrey Traylor. Wit: Matther Mayes, Hy Dance, Richard (hisRmark) Griffin. Rec. 5 April 1751 (p19 Chesterfield Co., VA Deeds 1749-1756, Weisiger, 1991).

5 Apr. 1751 Wm. Wms. of Chesterfield Co., to Wm. Herringham of same, 100 acres bounded by Lawrence Brown, John Dodd, said Wms. and said Herringham; being part of 256 acres by patent 20 Sept. 1745 to said Wms. Wit: Wm. Eanes, Joseph (hisImark) Gill, Peter (hisPmark) Gill. (p23 Chesterfield Co., VA Deeds 1749-1756, Weisiger, 1991).

7 June 1751 Richard Witton, Gent. of Lunenburg Co., to Peter Gill of Chesterfield Co., for £7/10, a 1/2 acre lot in Wittontown. #59. No witnesses. Rec. 7 June 1751 (p22 Chesterfield Co., VA Deeds 1749-1756, Weisiger, 1991). 8 June 1752 James Murphey of Lunenburg Co., to Peter Gill of Chesterfield Co., for £7/10, lot #38, 1/2 acre in Town of Pocahontas. Wit: Michael Walker, Chr. Martin, Wm. Herringham. Rec. 2 March 1753 (p50 Chesterfield Co., VA Deeds 1749-1756, Weisiger 1991).

Peter Gill of the Parish of Dale, Chesterfield Co., VA, Will 7 Feb. 1755, to my brother Francis, the tract he now lives on, 378 acres. to Ann Thursby and her children, Daniel, Mary, Peter, Shadrach, Ann, and Elizabeth. "I do appoint Capt. John Robertson to settle with his brother Samuel Robertson." Ex'rs: John Robertson, Robert Gill. Wit: Francis Dison, Samuel Jones, Will Blaikley. Wills I, 175, no rec. date (Mrs. Clark p82).

Will of Peter Gill of Dale Parish: to my brother Francis Gill, tract he lives on, 378 acres, paying £20. To Ann Thursby's son Daniel, 200 acres, joining the above, on Ready Branch. To Peter, my son by said Ann Thursby, 200 acres, at a place called "Siths". To Shadreck, my son by said Thursby, 200 acres joining the above. To child said Thursby is now with, if a male, all the rest of said land joining the above, and if a girl, to have land that joins old Mr. Thomas Dance. To Ann Thursby, 50 acres on Swift Creek, and then to her son Peter. To my three daughters: Mary, Ann, Elizabeth, 3 1/2 lotts in Pocerhunters. Ann Thursby may live on place I live until her son is 21. I appoint Capt. John Robertson to settle between his brother James Robertson and I. Executors: Capt. John Robertson and Peter Gill. Property to be kept together for schooling and bringing up of Ann Thursby's chidren until 21. Rest to be divided between Ann Thursby's children, all but Daniel, mentioning Mary, Peter, Shadreck, Ann, and Elizabeth. Tools divided between Peter, Shadreck, and Daniel. Dated 7 Feb. 1755. Wit: Francis Dison, Samuel Jones, Will Blaikley. (Chesterfield Co., VA Wills 1749-1774, Weisiger 1979, p18).

Chesterfield Court Order Book #2 1754-1759, 2 May 1755 p66: Will of Peter Gill proved by William Blaikley (note Laurens Co., SC) and Francis Dyson, witnesses: the executors refused to take on executorship; and Ann Gill, otherwise called Ann Tinsley, widow and relict took oath as admistratrix.  (Chesterfield Co., VA Wills 1749-1774, B.B. Weisiger, III 1979).

Inventory of Peter Gill p23.  Robertson, Archer, Dance, and/or Worsham to appraise estate, p112, 1755.  Ann Thursby made Admx., p112.  Inventory of Peter Gill recorded p117, 1757.

Peter Gill singles out Daniel Gill as Ann Thursby's son who is different from his own children, not the son of Peter Gill, or in doubt? Some of these children are probably half siblings. It would appear that Peter Gill never formally married Ann Thursby. Children were usually given the surname of their father, married or not.  Known Children of Peter Gill b<1709 d1755

  1. Daniel Gill born <1756.  4 Nov. 1757 p365 (Weisiger 1979) Daniel Gill, orphan of Peter Gill, chooses Ralph Jackson as his guardian.  ibid p474, 3 Nov. 1758, Churchwardens of Dale Parish bind to a trade Daniel Gill, orphan of Peter Gill.  Daniel Gill of Chesterfield Co., will 24 Sept. 1777. To mother, Ann Gill, plantation on Swift Creek of 50 acres after expiration of three years; at her death estate to be divided between brother, Alexander Franklyn Gill, and two sisters, Elizabeth and Martha. "Mr. Isham Wells has promised to see to my affairs in my absence; I therefore give him liberty to clear my land adjoining him." Ex'rs: Edward Archer, John Eanes. Wit: Parker Hare, Richard Booker, George Robertson. Wills III, 241 (Mrs. Clark p54).  Mrs. Clark suggests that his will in 1777 was written when he joined the army of the Revolution. Perhaps listed as son-in-law of Wm. Perkinson's will of 1779.  I believe this is the only Daniel with a mother "Ann," which requires additional siblings named Martha and Alex. Frank.  One must have been "child Ann Thursby is now with," or maybe both.
  2. Peter Gill born 1745-55, chose Robert Kennon as guardian 1 Aug. 1766 (not yet 21)(Chesterfield Co., VA Wills 1749-1774, Weisiger 1979, p143), Peter Gill bound out 3 April 1767, p146.  Joseph Gill and Joseph Gill, Jr. witness deed from Peter Gill to Thomas Pool of Granville Co., NC, 17 June 1779. Halifax Co., VA Deeds (Mrs. Clark p78).
  3. Shadrek Gill
  4. Mary Gill
  5. Ann Gill (Chesterfield Order Book 3, p. 459, Churchwardens to bind out  as apprentices Ann, Eliza, Martha and Alex Gill, 19 Aug. 1763)
  6. Elizabeth Gill
  7. Martha Gill -------------------|-- possibly twins unborn at death of Peter Gill.
  8. Alexander Franklyn Gill-----|
  9. Edward Gill, orphan of Peter Gill, chooses Francis Osborn as his guardian, 4 Sept. 1761 (Weisiger 1979)(I don't see how he can belong to the other Peter, but why is he not mentioned before???)

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