Peyton Gill born 1812 NC, son of Jesse Gill, was married to Melissa Parham (Malisa -sic) born 1819 NC. "Wake County Marriages 1770-1868" (NC) shows an entry with Peyton Gill and Sarah Hollingsworth with Edward A. Parham as bondsman. This entry has a date of 5 Oct 1838. In the same source there is an entry for Sarah Hollingsworth and William Mangum with a date of 24 November 1840.  Perhaps either (1) the marriage between Peyton and Sarah never took place, that (2) the marriage took place and Peyton and Sarah were divorced or annulled shortly thereafter, or (3) Sarah died shortly after the marriage. Number (2) is favored because of the Sarah Hollingsworth/William Mangum betrothal listing. Odd, though, that Peyton ended up marrying a female Parham when a male Parham was listed as bondsman for the Peyton/Sarah entry.  Peyton and Malissa (Malisa)(Melissa) are shown in the 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 Census for Weakley County, TN.  1850 Weakley County , TN census showed children:

  1. Columbus Gill   (age 9) born 1841
  2. William Gill   (age 7) born August 1842, died March 25, 1922.  This is the family of Dan Olds.
  3. Elizabeth Gill   (age 5) born 1845
  4. Captain Gill   (age 2) born 1848.             The 1870 census shows four more children:
  5. Margaret Gill   (age 22) born 1848
  6. John Gill   (age 20) born 1850
  7. Ransome Gill   (age 16) born 1854
  8. Monroe Maxwell Gill (age 15) born 22 Feb 1856, married Mary Sophia Bell.  One child:
    1. Mary Alice Gill, b 18 Aug 1879 in either Weakley or Obion Co., Tenn.  This is the line of N. Klein.
  9. Also living in the household was George Bradbury, age 6. Relationship to the Gill family, at this time, is unknown.

Records that Dan Olds has found on Peyton Gill:

[1] The maiden name of the wife of Paten (sic) Gill was obtained from a CD-ROM put out by Everton Publishers. Refer to their Family Group Sheet 20200.

[2] "Wake County, North Carolina Marriages 1770-1868" makes reference to the betrothal of Peyton Gill and Sarah Hollingsworth dated October 5, 1838. Edward A. Parham was the bondsman. The same document makes reference to the betrothal of Sarah Hollingsworth and William Mangum dated November 24, 1840. Since the 1840 census of Weakley County, Tennessee, page 283, shows the household of Payton Gill as having one male between age 20-30, and one female between age 20-30, the female is probably Melissa Parham rather than Sarah Hollingsworth since Sarah Hollingsworth was betrothed to William Mangum in 1840. This means that either the marriage of Peyton Gill and Sarah Hollingsworth never took place or that the marriage did take place and was terminated shortly thereafter by virtue of annulment or divorce. An annulment is favored since Sarah Hollingsworth was using her maiden name when she was betrothed to William Mangum. It is interesting to note that Edward A. Parham, who was bondsman for the Peyton/Sarah betrothal, shares the same surname with Melissa Parham.

[3] The 1850 census of Weakley County, Tennessee, page 471, lists P. Gill, 38; Malisa (sic), 31; Columbus, 9; William, 7; Elizabeth, 5; and Captain, 2. Both P. Gill and Malisa were born in North Carolina.

[4] The 1860 census for Weakley County, Tennessee, pages 354-5, lists Paten (sic) Gill, 46; Malissa, 41; Columbus, 20; William, 17; and Granville, 2. Paten & Malissa were born in North Carolina.

[5] The 1870 census for Weakley County, Tennessee, page 104, lists Peyton Gill, 56; Melisie (sic), 54; William H., 24; Margaret E., 22; John W., 20; Ransome T., 16; and Monroe M., 15. Peyton and Melisie were born in North Carolina. Also living in the house was George C. Bradbury, age 6.

[6] The 1880 census for Weakley County lists Peyton Gill, 63; his wife Melissa, 58; and son Ransom, 26. This listing shows that both Peyton and his father were born in North Carolina and that his mother was born in Virginia.

[7] According to Charlotte Tate (nee Olds), 2115 Sweitzer Road, N.W., Uniontown, Ohio, daughter of Samuel and Flora Olds (nee Gill), Peyton Gill, father of William H. Gill, was her great grandfather.

Other Records that Dan Olds has found that are probably relevant to this family.

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