(3) Reuben Gill born c1767-69, probable son of John Gill born c1733 and his second wife, Agatha Murphy. Birth estimate by Mrs. Hicks. Perhaps married first to "Tempie Jordon" (Mormon record below, I have seen no documentation of this.). Reuben Gill appears in Richland Co. Equity Records, in which it is apparent that (Mrs. Hicks) "he married Nancy Smith and had two children before 1797, and "had had 4 or 5 children by another wife prior to that." So we could guestimate that Reuben was born by about 1767/69". My (FOC) estimate would be <1797-(21+7) or <c1769 also. Reuben's father was therefore born before c1769-21 or before c1748. (stated in MS records as born 1772 married Tempie Jordon, perhaps to Mississippi also; I think there are two Reuben Gills in these records). Mr. Andrea records that Reuben Gill of the Richland Co. Equity Records wrote in a "beautiful flowing script", suggesting that this branch of the family was literate.  

         Since this Reuben named a son Thomas Murphy Gill (called Murphy), he is most probably descended from John Gill born c1733 and his second wife, Agatha Murphey, and not his first wife, Mary Jackson. Therefore he is not a descendant of John Gill born c1754. Reuben Gill b1772 - a Mormon record from Theodore L. Spiers states that Reuben Gill was born 1772 in Columbia, and married Tempie Jordon, and that his father was John Gill married to Mary Jackson (Since Reuben named one son Thomas Murphey Gill, this statement is very highly probably incorrect!). In one of his works, Cupit states that he was probably born c1768-1772. Reuben died in MS c1820 and is probably buried near Holmesville, MS.   (from one of Mr. Cupit's sets of notes) Reuben Gill had been married twice. In the will of Peter Smith of the Congarees in Richland Co., SC, signed 24 Mar. 1797 proved 7 July 1797: wife Sarah Smith, five children, 3 of them dead, five share equally between each of my children and their bodily heirs. He gave slaves, a man and woman and their increase, "at the death of my wife" to the children of my daughter Catey (no surname), my daughter Nancy (no surname), my son in law Thomas McPherson, my grandson James McPherson, Jr., son of James McPherson, deceased, my grandchildren Nancy and Peter Campbell, children of my deceased daughter by her husband, James Campbell. Exs: Thomas McPherson,  Wm. Howell. Wit: Wm. McGrew, John Elders, Henry Moore. "Reuben Gill married Nancy Smith and had two children before her father, Peter Smith, died, and she had one other child after he died." "Reuben Gill did conspire with  his brother in law, Thomas McPherson, who was one of the executors of the will of Peter Smith, and they "honeyed" Mrs. Sarah Smith, the widow  of Peter Smith, to turn over the two slaves to the said Reuben Gill, long before Mrs. Smith died." Joel Martin married Sarah Gill, daughter of Nancy and Reuben Gill. Josiah Martin wed the other daughter. We fetch this suit to compel the said Reuben Gill to pay for the use of the said negroes for their hire which rightly belonged to the three children of Nancy Smith Gill.  

           Reuben Gill appears in the 1810 census in Richland Co. 26-45 years of age (born 1765-1784).   Feb. term of court 1816, one witness stated that Mrs. Sarah Smith, widow of Peter Smith died ten years before. Her daughter Mrs. Nancy Gill, had one child born after her mother died and two children: the wives of  Joel and Josiah Martin, who were born before their grandmother had died. Jan. term of court 1817, Reuben Gill had a subpoena served upon Hugh Gill  and upon Wm. Mason to appear as witnesses on his behalf. Both accepted and the subpoenas are on file, both Hugh Gill and Reuben Gill wrote in an excellent script. Other witnesses were summoned for the Martins. Various things were sworn in the suit, some in part: He did not need the slaves to work his farm on the Congarees. Family consisted of seven persons, that he had four or five children by another wife, and that in all he had 8 or 9 children. Reuben stated that only three of the children lived with him as the others were married, and some of the children had moved to the "Western Lands". Some swore Reuben was careless and indifferent about the education of his children, he did not make them work. Others said he reared his children up to work, that all the time Reuben had the slaves, his daughters were dressed and fed by their labors, and that neither objected to their father holding the slaves. Their father, Reuben Gill, stated that the sons in law "Put it into the heads of his daughters to fetch a suit for their hire."

      Some stated Gill was a hard working and thrifty man, others that he owed no debts and paid his taxes on the dot, that he and Tom McPherson conspired to get the slaves, others said Gill would get drunk at half a chance, but then he is a hard worker. The court ruling went against Reuben, and after expenses for feeding and clothing the slaves were deducted, he had to pay $1161.11.   Tempie Jordan was perhaps the widow of a Megarity.

     Cupit claims that Reuben and his wife came to Mississippi c1815.  I believe he may have confused the Clarke Co., Mississippi Territory census record.  That record was for what became Alabama.  Reuben Gill and his family were in Clarke Co., (to become Alabama) in the1816 "Mississippi" Territorial Census along with Richard Gill.  This at least establishes Reuben as being in our line. Reuben Gill, Sr. is listed in the Lawrence Co., MS 1830 census. This Reuben Gill appears to be the son of John Gill born c1733 who married Mary Jackson and Agatha Murphy.  Reuben appears to be a son of John Gill and Agatha Murphy, as he named a son Thomas Murphy Gill, who in turn named a son Thomas Murphy Gill. Cupit's children do not match Andrea's from the Richland Co. Equity Records. If Reuben did leave, he apparently had to travel back to Columbia for the trial. Cupit states that his family was in Livingston Parish, LA in 1850, but Reuben had apparently died before this date.  The MS census shows two Reuben Gills.  It is not yet clear if the younger Reuben Gill is a son of the older one.

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