Richmond Co., VA, southern tip of Northumberland peninsula, just west of Lancaster

John Gill b<1679 dc1700. Susannah Gill, relict of John Gill. Adm'n granted on estate of John Gill to her & her now husband, Henry Adcock, 2 Aug. 1700. Richmond Co. Order Book III 60, see also Mr. Delano's Notes on Richmond Co. (Mrs. Clark p90). Richmond & Essex Co.s formed in 1692 by a division of old Rappahannnock, which then became extinct. In 1656 Rappahannock was formed from Lancaster which in 1651 was formed from parts of Northumberland & York Co.s. Richmond Co. lies along the southern edge of the Northumberland Peninsula; Essex is just across the Rappahannock R. to the south.

Edward Gill born c1676? c<1681 d>1710, of Farnham Parish, North Richmond Co., VA, married Mary Marcey (whose name is variously spelled in the records Marcey, Marsy, Massy). She was a sister of John Marcey of Richmond Co., VA, b: ABT 1660 in , Richmond, VA, who was dead in 1710, and was probably a daughter of John Marsy and his wife, Anne Canes, married 11 July 1680 in Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., VA. (Mrs. Clark p161, verbatim). Edward Gill has one child born as early as 1702. Therefore he was presumably born c<1681. He could be an undocumented son of Thomas Gill bc<1651 died 1707/8. All deed connections, however, are to Thomas' family.

Edward Gill and Mary his wife, deed, 1710 Richmond Co., VA (Mrs. Clark p57). Edward Gill, in Court, said Andrew Lister concealed a tithable, 1718 York Co. (Mrs. Clark p57). Edward Gill and Mary his wife dau. Eliza. born 7 Sept. 1702, son Edward born 27 June 1705, son John born 6 Nov.. 1707 all Farnham Parish (North), Richmond Co., VA (Mrs. Clark p57). Edward Gill and Mary his wife deed 1710 Richmond Co. (Mrs. Clark p57). Edward Gill and wife Mary Marcy deed to John Pound, Jr., 5 Dec. 1710, 50 acres of land formerly purchased by John Marcey, bro. of Mary. Richmond Co. Deeds V, 309 (Mrs. Clark p56). Richmond & Essex Co.s formed in 1692 by a division of old Rappahannnock, which then became extinct. In 1656 Rappahannock was formed from Lancaster which in 1651 was formed from parts of Northumberland and York Co.s. Richmond Co. is just to the south along the Northumberland Peninsula, while Essex is just across the Rappahannock R. to the south. Known children of Edward Gill (others existed):

  1. Eliza. Gill born 7 Sept. 1702, Farnham Parish (North), Richmond Co., VA.
  2. Edward Gill born 1705 dc1765, born Richmond Co., died Westmoreland Co., VA. Edward Gill b27 June 1705 Farnham Parish (North), Richmond Co., VA.  Christening: 27 Jun 1705 N Farnham Parris, Richmond, VA.   Made deed at 60 years of age. Edward Gill of Westmoreland Co., VA wit. to deed, Thomas Brown to Coleman Read, 1743, Westmoreland Co., VA (Mrs. Clark p57). Edward Gill, Samuel Pugh, Thomas Rhndon (Robinson?) wit. to deed Joseph Remey to James Gregory 1755 Westmoreland Co. (Mrs. Clark p57). Edward Gill of County of Westmoreland and Parish of Cople divides his estate among his five children: Edward, George, Spencer, James, & Lettice Self. Property consists of land, negroes, cattle, farming implements, & household goods. 26 Aug. 1765 Wit: James Newman, John White. Wills & Deeds XIV (Mrs. Clark p58). Children of Edward Gill of Westmoreland Co., VA listed in deed:
    1. Edward Gill bc1730 d1826 died Mason Co., KY. Married 1st 4 Feb. 1753 Lettie Cannaby, Overwharton Parish, VA.  "Edward and Lettie had a son, Benjamin Gill, who is my ancestor. Benjamin's sister was Frances Chapman. I believe the children are named in order of birth in Edward Gill's will. (from B. King)"  Married 2nd Sarah (Robinson?).  "You have him married to Sarah Farley, who was his second wife. He had three children by Sarah. He married her June 24, 1835, in Henry Co., KY(B. King)."  Resided Westmoreland Co., VA 1771 to 1787 or 1789. Edward Gill from John Tuberville, deed to a parcel of land containing by estimation 127 acres in Parish of Cople, Westmoreland Co., VA, known as Beard's Old Field, 17 June 1771. This deed mentions his "now wife" Sarah Gill. Wit: Jean Corbin, Gawin Corbin, David Wandrobe. Wills and Deeds XV 132 (Mrs. Clark p58). Edward Gill witness to deed from John Tuberville to George Gill 15 Apr. 1773, Westmoreland Co., VA (Mrs. Clark p58). Edward Gill tax on 127 acres of land 1782-1789, Westmoreland Co., VA (Mrs. Clark p59). Edward Gill of Westmoreland Co. Tax: 1 white over 21, 1 negro, 3 horses, 10 cattle, 1783-1784. Tax in 1785: 1 white over 21, 1 white over 16, 1 negro Zack, 3 horses, 12 cattle. Tax similar in 1787. (This Edward Gill removed to Lee's station, Mason Co., KY, according to tradition, in 1782; the fact that he continued to pay these personal taxes in Westmoreland Co., VA, until 1787 indicates that he did not leave until 1787) (Mrs. Clark p59). Edward Gill in list of slave owners, Westmoreland Co., VA, 1782, 1 black (Mrs. Clark p59). Removed to Lee's Station, Mason Co., KY c1787-1789. Died 1826 c85 years of age. Edward Gill resident of Floyd Co., KY 1793 (KY Hist. Reg. 1922), Big Sandy Valley (Mrs. Clark p122). Edward Gill buys land from Laban Records & his wife Anne, 100 acres in Mason Co., KY 24 Oct. 1796 Deeds C 466 (Mrs. Clark p122). Edward Gill of Mason Co. KY from Thomas Marshall, same Co., lease 1797, Deeds D 420 (Mrs. Clark p122). Edward Gill from Samuel Handy, same Co., bill of sale, Deeds K 333 (Mrs. Clark p122). Edward Gill of Mason Co., KY, from Thomas Marshall, Deeds K 333 (Mrs. Clark p122). Edward Gill, Sr. to Reuben Gill, same Co., 97 acres of land, 7 Oct. 1816, also signed by Sarah Gill, wife of Edward, Deeds E 360 (Mrs. Clark p122). Edward Gill of Mason Co., KY, will 29 Aug. 1821 - Jan. 1826, names wife Sarah, gives land he lives on, 100 acres, to son James Gill as he has provided testator and wife in their old age. Names 7 children: Frances Chapman, Benjamin Gill, Reuben Gill, Mary Rankins, Sarah Valentine, James Gill, and Lettice Hardridge. He also names Frances Chapman's children she had by her first husband, John Crabb: Vincent, Edward, & Sally Crabb. Wit: Wm. Gill (& others). Wills F 324 (Mrs. Clark p122).   "Edward's will was probated January Court 1826, so he probably died sometime the latter part of 1825 or the first few days of January of 1826. (B. King)" Children of Edward Gill listed in will:
      1. Frances Gill mar 1st John Crab, 2nd Henry Chapman of Brown Co., Ohio (Mrs. Clark p123)Children of Frances Gill & John Crabb:
        1. Vincent Crabb
        2. Edward Crabb
        3. Sally Crab
      2. Benjamin Gill married Sarah K. Farley 24 June 1835, Henry Co., KY, James Goshee bond, Burns VS (Mrs. Clark p120).  "Benjamin Gill was born abt 1769, probably in Westmoreland County, VA. According to the 1860 Mortality Schedule of Henry County, Kentucky, he was 90 when he died in 1859 of senility. He was born in Virginia. He married my ancestor, Charity (Baker) (will of David Baker and will of David's wife, Ann (Gentry) mentions grandchildren, John, William, George and Benjamin Gill. Will of Allen Baker, brother to Charity Baker, leaves his estate to his sisters, names Charity, deceased. Since my ancestor, John Gill, was born 9 July, 1798, (gravestone on old Gill farm in Shelby County, KY) Charity and Benjamin married about 1797 in Fayette County, Kentucky. Charity died before June 1835, when Benjamin married Sarah Farley. Benjamin Gill moved to Shelby County, KY about 1826, when he bought land from Mr. Tevis. The deed was wrong and had to be corrected 3rd day of July, 1826 in Shelby Co., KY. (This is the line of B. King)
      3. Reuben Gill b<1795 - d1844. Married: 1st Elizabeth Chapman 30 Apr. 1821 Woodford Co., KY, married 2nd Betty Fishback 26 Dec. 1805 Bracken Co., KY (Mrs. Clark p128), married 3rd ___ Hanson, married 4th Polly Brannon 11 June 1822. One of appraisers of estate of John Fishback, dec'd, of Bracken Co., KY 1810 Wills A 194 (Mrs. Clark p128). Volunteer War of 1812, 4th Reg't, Capt. Armstrong, Col. Wm. Montjoy, Filson Club Pub. "The Battle of the Thames" (Mrs. Clark p128). Reuben from Edward Gill, Sr., 97 acres of land 7 Oct. 1816 Bracken Co. Also signed by Sarah wife of Edward, Deeds E 360 (Mrs. Clark p128). Married Polly Brannon 11 June 1822 Bracken Co., KY by Rev. E. Woodward (Mrs. Clark p128). Deed from John Thompson & wife Jane 21 July 1834 Bracken Co. (Mrs. Clark p128). Reuben Gill of Brooksville, Bracken CO., adm't of John Gill, dec'd settlement of estate, 12 Sept. 1840 (Mrs. Clark p128). Reuben Gill of Brooksville, Bracken Co., KY, will 4 Apr. 1844-April 1844. Names Children: Edward Gill (his children: Alfred, John, Sarah, Nancy); Wm. A.H. Gill; James Milton Gill; son John Gill's heirs (my grandchildren: Wm. Gill, Elizabeth Ginn, Reuben Gill, Matilda Gill, Moses Gill, Mary Ellen Gill); dau. Martha Ann Ware (her children Thomas, Lewis, Martha Ann, Reuben Henry, and John Ware); "my other children:" Sara Peyton, Hanson Gill, Letty Bennett, Wm. A. H. Gill, James Milton Gill. Settlement of heirs with Wm. A.H. Gill ex'r of estate of Reuben Gill, Decd.: Alfred Gill, James M. Gill, Marcus Ware (as guardian), Abner Bennett, Benjamin Ginn (for wife and as guardian), Wm. gill (for self & guardian), Edward Gill. Children of Reuben Gill:
        1. Edward Gill of Mason Co., KY Documented children of Edward Gill of Mason Co., KY
          1. Alfred Gill
          2. John Gill
          3. Sarah Gill
          4. Nancy Gill
        2. Wm. A.H. Gill;
        3. James Milton Gill;
        4. John Gill married Lou Dugan, sister of Abraham Dugan, 20 May 1816 (Mrs. Clark p126). (dec'd by 12 Sept. 1840) Documented children of John Gill & Lou Dougan:
          1. Wm. Gill (is this record of the correct Wm.?) married Elvira Curtis 11 Jan. 1841, Mason co., KY (Mrs. Clark p132).
          2. Elizabeth Gill married Benjamin Ginn
          3. Reuben Gill (the name Reuben occurs in James Gill of Richland Co., SC's family.
          4. Matilda Gill
          5. Moses Gill (Moses is a Maryland Gill name)
          6. Mary Ellen Gill
        5. Martha Ann Gill married Marcus Ware Documented children of Martha Ann Gill married Marcus Ware:
          1. Thomas Ware
          2. Lewis Ware
          3. Martha Ann Ware
          4. Reuben Henry Ware
          5. John Ware
        6. Sara Gill Peyton
        7. Hanson Gill
        8. Letty Gill mar. Samuel Hardy (Hardrige?) 7 Dec. 1800, Mason Co., KY (Mrs. Clark p126);
        9. Alicia Gill married Abner Bennett 20 Mar. 1833 Bracken Co.,KY (Mrs. Clark p121)
        10. Wm. A. H. Gill
        11. James Milton Gill.
      4. Mary Gill b<1774 married Moses Rankins 14 Nov.. 1795 Mason Co., KY (Mrs. Clark p127)
      5. Sarah Gill married Henry Valentine 26 March 1811, Mason Co., KY (Mrs. Clark p130).
      6. James Gill b<1782 - d1833, married Elizabeth Moss, dau. Zealy Mos 20 Sept. 1803 Mason Co., KY (Mrs. Clark p124). James Gill decd. of Mason Co., Inventory of estate Sept. 1833. Among purchasers at sale were Wm. K. Gill, Baldwin B. Gill, W.R. Gill. Wills I 353, Reprt of adm'r, Wm. R. Gill on estate of James Gill 1835 (Mrs. Clark p124).
      7. Lettice Gill married a ___ Hardridge
    2. George Gill b<1744 - d>1800 married Ann. Edward Gill witness to deed from John Tuberville to George Gill conveying 150 acres in Cople Par.,Westmoreland Co., VA, 15 Apr. 1773, deed mentions Ann Gill, his wife (Mrs. Clark p58 & p67). George Gill in list of slave owners, in Westmoreland Co, 1782, had 7 slaves (Va.Hist.Mag. X, Mrs. Clark p67). George Gill paid land tax on 130 acres, Westmoreland Co., VA, 1782 to 1800. His personal tax on 1 white over 21, 3 negroes, 4 young negroes, 3 horses, 12 cattle, 1783. Similar tax for years up to and including 1796. Known child of George Gill:
      1. Elizabeth Gill b<c1778 George Gill has dau. Elizabeth married to Vincent Weathers 29 July 1799, Richmond Co., Va.
    3. Spencer Gill b<1744 d1815-28 in KY, of Lunenburg Parish, Richmond Co., VA. Spencer Gill, son of Edward Gill of Parish of Cople, Westmoreland Co., VA, deed 1765 (Mrs. Clark thinks there is a relationship with Spencer family of Cople Parish; Mrs. Clark p86). Spencer Gill of Lunenburg Par., Richmond Co., from Wm. Beale of St. Thomas' Parish, Orange Co., deed to tract of land formerly belonging to Wm. Yates, mentioned in deed from Angell Jacobus to Joseph Russell, bearing date 1697, supposed to be 50 acres, ... 18 Nov.. 1780, Richmond Co. Wit: Thomas Beale, Wm. Reynolds, John Davis, Deeds XV, 30; Mrs. Clark p87).  Supposedly married Jemima before c1773. Spencer Gill, mentioned as "my friend" in the will of George Reynolds, executor of will, Richmond Co., VA 19 July 1781 VII, 396 (Mrs. Clark p87). Census 1783, Lower District of Lunenburg Par., Richmond Co.: 8 whites, 1 black (Mrs. Clark p87). Spencer Gill, patroller; complaint against Robert Mitchell, Richmond Co., VA, Order Book 1776-1786 (Mrs. Clark p87). Spencer Gill on marriage bond of Becky Gill and Wm. Walker, 25 Aug. 1788; from Mr. Delano's Notes, Richmond Co., VA (Mrs. Clark p87). (same Spencer?) Spencer Gill married Rachel Powell 7 Apr. 1796 Woodford Co., KY, Joseph Rucker, Minister (KHR 1921; Mrs. Clark p131). Spencer Gill among slave holders in Woodford Co., KY outside Versailles, KY. His family consisted of 3 whites & 5 slaves (KHR 1921; Mrs. Clark p131). A Spencer Gill, in KY (county not named) left a will of 10 Oct. 1815, named grand daughter Jemima Hudson (Mrs. Clark p130). A Spencer Gill, dec'd; acc't of guardian of heirs, 1828, Mercer Co., KY (Mrs. Clark p131). Children
      1. Spencer Gill Jr b: ABT 1775 Death: ABT Sep 1810 in , Woodford Co., KY. Married  7 Aug. 1797 Rachel Powell b: 7 Feb 1775 in , Woodford, KY.   Children:
        1. Matilda "Artilly" Gill b: BEF 1795
        2. Cornelia Gill b: 10 Sep 1809* in ,,KY  Married 1st McHenry Husbands >c1821.   Married 2nd William Barnes b: ABT 1798 in , Mercer, KY, Married: 26 Aug 1855 in , Parke, IN.  Married third Joseph Barnes b: 28 Oct 1793 in , , VA, * Married: 10 May 1865* in , Parke, IN, Children
          1. Billy Belle Barnes b: ABT 1855 in ,,IN

          Cornelia Married fourth John Connelly b: in , , KY* Married: 13 Feb 1879 in , Parke, IN

        3. Amy Shadiah "Shaddy" Gill b: Jul 1803
        4. Elzira (Elsira) Gill b: 9 Jul 1807
        5. Armstead Gill
        6. Edward Gill.  Dear Greg,  I have this Edward & Jane Holeman GILL in Mercer Co., KY. with a long list of descendants. He is the same on that is on the several marriage records of Saddie / Shaddie GILL and Elizray GILL in Mercer. The sister, Cornelia GILL is under his care eventually. He also goes to Parke Co., IN in ? 1826 or 1828 as soon as he is of age to claim the land there...with his brother-in-law BARNES (sorry my file isn't with me). Later, abt 1839 deed is given to William R. GILL his brother and the 1840 census has William R. GILL in Parke CO., IN. so it is this as evidence I have presented to you to link them as one family unit. However, I do not have such information regarding Armistead or Artilly GILL as being in this group. Rachel POWELL GILL then maried a McAlister, Allen. These are the Spencer GILL, Jr. to Spencer GILL, Sr. to Edward GILL of Va. group. <Sheila Evans>  Sister Cornelia.  Parents Spencer Gill and Rachel Powell Gill.  
        7. William R Gill
      2. Rebecca "Rebecky" Gill
      3. Elizabeth Gill
      4. Sarah "Sally" Gill b: 20 Mar 1773 in Lower Lunenburg, Richmond, VA
      5. Jemima Gill
      6. Edward Gill
    4. James Gill b<1744
    5. Lettice Gill b<1744, married ___ Self
  3. John Gill born 6 Nov.. 1707, same Par. & Co.


More Mason Co., KY -- How do these fit into this family????

Catherine Gill (born c1798?), sister of James Gill married Charles Knatzen 20 Sept. 1819, Mason Co, KY (Mrs. Clark p122)

Erasmus Gill  born <1792 (to be adult witness of 1813 marriage bond) of Mason Co., KY, will 12 June 1846-Sept. 1848, names wife Mary; two sisters: Lydia Gill Smoot & Letitia Gill Tabb; sister Smoot's children. Wit. Jesse Turner, Henry Gill (Mrs. Clark notes see this name in Charles Co., MD, this is not the Dinwiddie Co., VA Erasmus -FOC; Mrs. Clark p122).

Luce Gill married Edward Tabb marr bond 30 June 1813 Mason Co., KY, brother Erasmus Gill on bond, Burns KVS (Mrs. Clark p127).

Hiram Gill married Ann Graham 22 mar. 1822 Mason Co., KY (Mrs. Clark p124).

Henry Gill of Mason Co. to Erasmus Gill of same 1830 (Mrs. Clark p124)

Patrick Gill married Margaret Scarry 6 Aug. 1853 Mason Co., KY (Mrs. Clark p127).

Presly Gill party to deed Mason Co., KY before 1830 (Mrs. Clark p128).


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