4. Robert Gill born 1764 (or 1765?) PA died >1845 Clark Co., IL. 1790 census Chester Co., SC 2 m >16, 0 m <16, 1fl. Robert Gill states in his pension application that he was the youngest of four brothers, all of whom were drawing pensions but himself, whose application had been rejected. Still living in 1845 in Clark Co., IL (ibid & Mrs. Crowder).

Mrs. Crowder p74: Pension Application National Archives, Washington, DC, Robert Gill #R4024, signed Dec. 1833 Logan Co., KY, states he was born in Pennsylvania in 1764, & moved from there to Chester CO., SC with his parents at an early age. He was drafted 1781 served 3 mos. in militia commanded by James Ramsey. John Adair was Major and Wm. Adair his brother was Colonel Commandant. In 1782 he volunteered for one year under Captain John Mills in Chester Co. at the house of Capt. Mills but no important battles were engaged. A statement in this file sg. 8 oct. 1833 by Capt. James Gill residing in Greene Co., AL states that his brother served under Capt. Mills as etc.

Andrea #175: Robert Gill stated that he was born 1764 in PA and stated 19 August 1845 "I will be 80 years old, served 3 months as a private in Capt. James Ramsey's Co. of Col. Wm. Adair;s Regt., also served under Capt. John Mills as a spy", pension was not allowed for lack of six months service and spying did not count as service. He resided in Chester Dist. but in 1833 was in Logan Co., KY. In May 1845 he was a resident of Clark Co., IL. No mention of wife and children, but of "my brothers" James Gill who served as a captain & resides in Greene Co., AL, Thomas Gill who was a captain & resides in IL where he was an early settler, George Gill who received a pension in Chester Co., SC.

Clark Co., IL 1845. A second application made by this veteran in an effort to secure the pension which was denied the first time. In this application he says that he served under Capt. John Mills and James Gill. He also states that "my brother James Gill who was a captain in the said company had been placed on the pension roll in Alabama. My brother George Gill was on the pension roll as a Colonel in Chester Co., SC. My brother Thomas Gill was made a pensioner on the same service as this deponent." He also states that he is younger than these brothers above named. No family data of any other sort whatever in this file."

(Mrs. Crowder:) "Comment LKC: It seems that this set of brothers are the sons of John Gill & Sarah his wife, and that the said John Gill must have been a brother of Robert Gill, wife Elinor. Could have been nephew."

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