Gill Rockingham Brig. 1887- (153) Prospect House Budleigh Salterton oil 16x14 ins £550 copy.

I was delighted to find your "Gill" site on the www. I have been trying to estbalish some information about an oil painting I bought recently and your site may have helped.

The picture is of Budleigh Salterton and dated 1944. It is signed Brig. Rockingham Gill.It is a good picture and he did have some talent as an artist.

It look as though it may be Rockingham Conyers Gill 1899 mentioned in your document.

The only other information I have about Rockingham Gill is that He was posted to Celyon prior to 1933 and that in June 1933 he wrote an aticle in the Royal Artillary Magazine about the formation of the Yacht Club entitled “Yachting Sailing in the Regiment” . He did have a posting on the Medway where the club was formed. If it is the same man he was a Major at the time he wrote the article.

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