Thomas Franklin Gill 1757-1838 married c1782 in York Co. Sarah Hannah Cresswell 1764-1828.  Sarah Hannah Creswell's father was William Andrew Creswell.   Thomas Franklin Gill served as a captain in the revolution.  They removed c1789 to Cane Ridge, Montgomery County, Kentucky.   Thomas Gill and his wife removed to Crawford County, IL in 1814, where he died in 1857.

Capt. Thomas Franklin Gill (Jr.) born 27 Aug. 1757 (Mrs. Crowder says 1755) in NJ, died 30 Aug. 1838 Crawford Co., IL. married 1782 Hannah Criswell (Cresswell) born 15 Oct. 1764 died 28 Jan. 1828. This is Thomas Gill, Jr., in Chester records. They settled in SC, then removed to KY about 1789. Thomas Gill located on what was known as Cane Ridge, Montgomery Co., KY. He was a revolutionary war pensioner (Capt.) living in Crawford Co., IL, in 1838 when he died there. In KY the following children were born: Sallie, Betsy, Polly, James, Josiah, Nancy, William, Thomas Gill. Thos. F. Gill says: "Thomas Gill and his wife Hannah C. Gill ... died in Crawford Co., IL in 1857. 12 children: Samuel C. Gill b1783, John Gill b1785, Robert Gill b1787, Rebecca Gill b1789, Sarah Gill b1792, Betsy Gill b1794, Polly Gill b1796, James Gill b1798, Josiah P. Gill b1800, Nancy Gill b1802, William Gill b1805, Thomas Gill b1806. (ibid & History of the Gill Family by Thos. F. Gill, Standard Printing Co., Hannibal, MO 1893)

{FOC: the Thomas Gill, Jr., Rev. War AA #2834 record is of Thomas Gill who married Rebekah Curry, as he is the only Thomas Gill who ever said he served under Capt. James Gill, as the Indent states.} There appears to be no South Carolina Indent record of Thomas Franklin Gill.

1845 Mrs. Crowder: p74 lists under second pension application in 1845 of Robert Gill #R4024, "My brother Capt. Thomas Gill was made a pensioner on the same service as this deponent."

Mrs. Crowder p79, "Thomas Gill Revolutionary War Pension Application S31061, Resident LeMotte Twp., Crawford Co., IL; states he was born in NJ 27 Aug. 1755 (note LKC Bible Record in hands of his descendants state he was born 1757). Removed with his parents to Chester Dist., SC, then Camden Dist. Served 3 mos. under Capt. Philip Walker & Lt. James Johnson, starting 1 Dec. 1778, volunteered again & went to General Lincoln's Headquarters in Savannah, under same officers, from Savannah to Charleston about 1779, March or April. Remained in Charlestown until about August 1779 when he was dismissed by Capt. Walker by word of mouth. Volunteered 1780 under Capt. Pagan in NC. Went to Ramson's Mills on the Catawba & fought at Rocky Mount and Hanging Rock. Was at Sumter's defeat where Capt. Pagan was killed. Was elected Capt. by his own men. Served as Lt. one year and eight months and as Capt. in the Militia, under Gen. Sumter. There is little family data in the Pension Application but the following from the family Bible and other sources has been assembled. Note this data is not in the Pension Application (incorporated into children below - FOC).

Mr. Andrea #176: Thomas Gill #S31061 was born 27 Aug. 1755 in NJ and when a boy removed to Camden Dist., SC, in what is now Chester. He died 30 Aug. 1838 in LaMotte Township, Crawford Co., IL. He enlisted under Capt. Phillip Walker and served as Lt. and as Capt., as Lt. under Capt. Alexander Pagan and Capt. under Col. Edward Lacey. His pension was allowed. Reference is made to a wife and nine children. Only two were listed and they were Mrs. Elizabeth Ryan and Mrs. Nancy Kitchell and that in Aug. 18??.

c1785 (Mr. Andrea #70) "Thomas Gill, Jr. File #2834 for Militia duty and makes indent payable to Philip Walker of Chester Dist. to collect pay."

1790 census Thomas Gill, Jr., 1 m >16, 2 m >16, 3 f, no slaves, adjacent to a George Gill, and close to John Gill, Sr. The total is correct, but it should have been 3m<16, and 2f.

1791. I associate these two Chester County Court records on the basis of: 1) Thomas Franklin Gill claimed to have served under Capt. Philip Walker in the Revolution, and 2) it is recorded that he had a sister named Sarah. 1791 April 5: By consent that Joseph Henderson & Elizabeth Henderson, children of Jo. Henderson, who were bound unto Thomas Gill & Philip Walker be given up to their said father Joseph Henderson (Min.Ches.Ct. p214). 1791 April 7: State against Sarah Linn Gill, for Bastardy. The said defendant is fined £5 proclamation money Whereupon the said Sarah Linn Gill with Thomas Gill her security entered into and acknowledged themselves bound to pay the said sum & made their signatures for the due & faithful performance of the same. Sarah Linn Gill, Thomas Gill (Min.Ches.Ct. p217). This appears to be his sister, Sarah, reputedly who married a Porter.

The records of Mt. Sterling, KY show that this Thomas Gill the Rev. Soldier was there and a taxpayer in 1797. One family record states that he removed in 1789. The records indicate that he removed after 1791. He removed from there to IL where he died in 1838 in LeMotte Township, Crawford Co., IL.

Ryan Cemetery

  1. Samuel Cresswell Gill born 22 Nov. 1783 Chester Co., SC  m. 1st 1807 Sarah Malone (1784-1847) in Bath Co., KY.  Marr. 2nd 1849 Elizabeth Reed (no children). Samuel Cresswell Gill  died in 1854, Elizabeth Reed Gill c1885.  Ran a mill, Gill's Mill, for corn and lumber until c1845, when he sold out.  There was a post office of the name Gill's Mill until just before 1893, wherein it was renamed Coggswell.  Children all born Bath Co., KY:
    1. Harrison Gill 1808-1886
    2. Jonathan Gill 1810-1891 died in Ladoga, IN
    3. Eliza Gill 1812 ->1893 died in Putnam Co., IN
    4. Marcus Gill 1814-1886
    5. Emily Gill 1816-1891
    6. Cassandra Gill 1818-1892 died in Perry, MO
    7. Elizabeth Gill 1819-1849
    8. Polly Gill 1821-1824
    9. Marsolete Gill 1824-1878 died in Bloomington, IN
    10. Amanda Gill 1825-1827
    11. Shiloah Gill 1827->1893
    12. Martha Ann Gill 1829->1893 died in Boone Co. IN
    13. Thomas Franklin Gill 1831->1893 died in Perry, MO (whose 1893 book, History of the Gill Family, was used for most of this information,)
  2. John Gill 2 Oct. 1785 SC m. Eliz. Caldwell Alexander in KY.  Soldier in the Indian Wars, present at battle of Thames where Tecumseh was killed.
    1. daughter Gill married William Fenwick
  3. Robert Gill 26 Oct. 1787 SC m. married a Miss Gill, perhaps settled Illinois.
  4. Rebecca Gill 30 Oct. 1789 m.1814 Wm. Chambers (not in some lists)
  5. Sarah Gill 9 Feb. 1792 KY m. Frederick Markley.  Probably settled Illinios.
  6. Elizabeth "Betsey" Gill 10 Sept. 1794 KY m.1818 Wm. Ryan in Crawford Co., KY, relocated to Illinois.
  7. Polly Gill 18 May 1796 KY m. J.S. Woodworth in KY.
  8. James Gill 26 Feb. 1798 Montgomery Co., KY, m. 1829 Didona Neal in IL.  In Lamotte c1814, then Cumberland Co., IL.  James Gill died 26 Sept. 1884.
    1. Hannah Matilda Gill
    2. Emily Gill, married S.P. Reed
    3. Martin Chambers Gill
    4. Angeline Gill, married Abram Conrad
    5. George Newton Gill
    6. Lucinda Gill married J.H. Fulkerson
    7. James Gill (twin)
    8. Thomas Gill (twin)
    9. Didana Nancy Gill married J.W. Brooks
    10. Martha Evaline Gill married J.N. McMorris
    11. John Nalor Gill
  9. Josiah Porter Gill 24 Apr. 1800 KY m.Nancy Delapp, Crawford Co., IL; JPG d1856
  10. Nancy Gill 3 Feb. 1802 KY m. James Kitchell in KY (or Harvy Kitchel?)
  11. Wm. Gill 30 Nov. 1805 KY m. Miss McGee.
  12. Thomas Gill 10 Aug. 1806 KY m. Sarah McGarey, Crawford Co., IL., m. a Porter? settled in Edgar Co., IL.  He died c1880.

(Mrs. Crowder) "The DAR paper of Mrs. J.D. Cummingham of Missouri, gives the wife of Wm. Gill as Miss McGee and the wife of Thomas Gill as Miss Porter. Who is correct?" "Also note that there is not even 9 months between the birth of Wm. and Thos. Is this in error?"

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