6. Sarah Linn Gill born<1775 married a Porter (ibid). 1791 April 7: State against Sarah Linn Gill, for Bastardy. The said defendant is fined £5 proclamation money Whereupon the said Sarah Linn Gill with Thomas Gill her security entered into and acknowledged themselves bound to pay the said sum & made their signatures for the due & faithful performance of the same. Sarah Linn Gill, Thomas Gill (Min.Ches.Ct. p217). If we assume she was at least 16, she was born before 1775, and probably c1770. Two items associate her with this record. First a record adjacent in time associates this Thomas Gill with Philip Walker, under whom Thomas Franklin Gill served in the Revolution, and second, this Thomas F. Gill is independently recorded to have had a sister Sarah Gill.

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