Sherwood Gill bc1801 in GA, 1840 census & p351 1850 census Meriweather Co . Farmer born in GA wife Eliza A. bc1815 {I don't know to whom Sherwood belongs. He could be a son of Ingram Allen Gill or Henry Gill. His children's names are no help!

Does anyone have any clues about this family?  Martha Holmes has stated that he was in Baldwin Co, GA, does anyone have documentation of this?

Children of Sherwood Gill in the 1850 census:

  1. Hilda Gill bc1833
  2. Jesse D(ays) Gill bc1834, CSA (I have his CSA records, and will enter them)
  3. James M. Gill born c1840
  4. Martha A. Gill born 1841
  5. John L. Gill born 1843
  6. Eliza A. Gill born 1845
  7. David W. Gill born 1846, CSA (I have his CSA records)
  8. Robert Gill born 1848
  9. America A. Gill (f) born 1849

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