Stafford Co. lies some distance west of Northumberland Co., with King George & Westmoreland intervening, just north of Fredericksburg. Stafford Co. would be along one of the expected migration routes to the south used by the Baltimore Gills, as well as the land route of the Northumberland Gills. Stafford Co. was formed from the western part of Westmoreland & was co-extensive with Overwharton Parish

Edward Gill b<1732 d>1753, of Stafford Co., VA. Edward Gill married Lettie Cannaday 4 Feb. 1753 Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co. (Mrs. Clark p57). Edward Gill, born c1730, 24, 5'8" tall, planter from Stafford Co., VA, roll of 7th Co. of the VA Regt. Capt Lewis, French and Indian war, c1754-5 (VA Military Records F225.v884, 1983 p26 & p373). Edward Gill on command Capt. Joshua Lewis Co. 13 July 1756, Fr. and Indian War (VA Military Records F225.v884, 1983 p26 & p379, and Mrs. Clark p57).

Richard Gill b<1766 d>1787 of Stafford Co., VA, sells land in Stafford Co. 1787 (Mrs. Clark p85).

Spencer Gill, son of Elizabeth Gill, died 3 Nov.. 1748, Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., VA (Mrs. Clark p86).

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