Stephen Gill b<1700-d1753, wife Martha (alive in 1778, mentioned in Joseph's will), ( Chesterfield County, VA Big Chart) of Henrico & Chesterfield Co.s. 1 Jan. 1725 George Wilson of Bristol Parish, Henrico Co., VA to Webster Gill of same, for £8/10, 80 acres in Bristol parish, on south side of first great branch of Swift Creek called Youls Branch, on north side of Stephen Gill's plantation; being part of a grant of 300 acres to said George by will of his father, John Wilson. No witnesses. Signed George Willson. Recorded 7 Feb. 1725 (p77 Henrico Co., VA, Deeds 1706-1737, Weisiger 1988). Baptism of slaves recorded 1728-1733 Bristol Parish. Stephen Gill. Dr. 1736, 3 levys to 1 register (of birth or death). Quit rents 402 1/2 acres land. Paid by cash to J. Gibson & by inspector's note (Fleets Colonial Abstracts, v21, Henrico Co., south side of James River, p37). Granted 900 acres of land in Henrico Co. 1742. 6 March 1752, Benjamin Atkins of Chesterfield Co. to James Gill of same for £50, 200 acres bounded by Stephen Gill, being a part of 400 acres granted by patent to Moses Ferguson and conveyed to said Atkins. No witnesses. Recorded 3 April 1752. Atkin's wife relinquished her dower right (p23 Chesterfield Co., VA Deeds 1749-1756, Weisiger 1991). 6 Nov. 1760, Robert Ellett of St. Johns Parish, King William Co., to William Smith of Chesterfield Co. for £50, land in Dale Parish on south side of west branch, adjoining Harry Smith, Aron, Ferguson, Joseph Gill, James Gill, Stephen Gill, and Edmund Graves, 200 acres. Wit: Wm. Graves, Zachariah Ellett, Hy Winfrey. Signed Robert Ellett, Frances Ellett. Recorded March 1761. (p65 Chesterfield Co, VA Deeds 1756-1764, Weisiger 1989). 14 March 1764, John Blankinship of Chesterfield Co., to Joseph Royall of Same, for £100, 125 acres bounded by Wm. Wilson, Stephen Gill, Edmund Graves, and John Brown. Wit: Matthew Cobbs, John Britain, Edward Worsham. Sig: John Blankinship. Rec. 14 March 1764. Blankenship's wife released her dower. (p58 Chesterfield Co, VA Deeds 1756-1764, Weisiger 1989)(posthumous reference?).

Stephen Gill's son James Gill is referred to in the 1764 will of John Gill, suggesting kinship, although this kinship between Stephen and the five brothers is not documented.

Will of Stephen Gill of Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co, VA. To son Joseph Gill, 600 acres where he now lives, being part of a tract of 900, also items. To son Robert Gill, 300 acres, part of above 900; also all my land on S. side of White Oak Branch. To son James Gill, land I live on on north side of White Oak Branch, also a small piece on the south side. Wife Martha to enjoy the plantation for widowhood; also to her 2 negroes. To daughters: Martha Gill, negroes and items; Amy Gill, negroes and items. Rest divided between children named above. Executors: sons Robert and Joseph. Dated 5 March 1753. Wit: Francis Dison, Wm. Perkinson, Wm. Herringham. (Chesterfield Co. Wills 1749-1774, Weisiger 1979).  Children of Stephen Gill b<1700-d1753:

  1. 1. (V)William Gill born 6 Jan. 1721, (birth record) baptized 20 Jan. in Bristol Parish, Henrico Co., not mentioned in Stephen Gill's will, could he have been dead by 1753?
  2. 2. (V)Joseph Gill b<1728 dc1783 m. Elizabeth. Lived and died in Chesterfield Co., VA.  Children:
    1. (VI)Stephen Gill will 27 Aug. 1801
    2. (VI)Benjamin Gill b<1778
    3. (VI)Mary Gill b c1742 (<1778) m(1) John Ferguson (Farguson) m(2) Greaves
    4. (VI)Joseph Gill born b<c1749 alive 1770
    5. (VI)Elizabeth (Betsy) Gill married William Mann.
    6. (VI)John Gill b<c1749-1798.
  3. 3. (V)Robert Gill d1788. Robert Gill of Parish of Dale, Chesterfield Co., will 27 Sept. 1788. To dau.-in-law Rachel Gill, my plantation until her death or remarriage, then to grandson Robert Gill. to gr.dau. Molly Powell. To Wm., Archd., Edward, Peter, and James Gill. Witnessed: Wm. Clarke, Rowlet Gill, James Gill. Wills IV, 259 (Mrs. Clark p85: "Is there a relationship with Col. Archibald Gill of Chester Co., SC?).
  4. 4. (V)James Gill b<1731 - d1789 - married Frances Rowlett.  Children of James Gill (will of 1789):
    1. (VI)Rowlett Gill b<1789
    2. (VI)Jenny Gill married a Dison b<1789
    3. (VI)Betsy Gill b<1768, married William Rowlett
    4. (VI)James Gill b<1768 will Frances Gill (dau.)
    5. (VI)Mary Gill (not 21 in 1777) b>1756 <1789
    6. (VI)Ann Gill (not 21 in 1777) b>1756 <1789
    7. (VI)John Wilson Gill b<1789
  5. 5. (V)Amy Gill b25 May 1729, baptized 30 August 1729 Bristol Par., Henrico Co.
  6. 6. (V)Martha Gill

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