Deed of Emancipation - Erasmus Gill's Slaves 1785 (Deed Book F, page 404, Sussex Co.VA,)

I Erasmus Gill of the County of Dinwiddie being fully persuaded that Freedom is the natural Right of all men agreeable to the Declaration of of the Bill of Rights upon which I conceive our present happy Constitution is established, and whereas I have under my care a Servant Girl by the name of Sally and her Child Charlotte, which I have heretofore held as Slaves, the Woman Sally about Eighteen years of age, and her child Charlotte about two months, which servant I hereby emancipate and set free, and I do, for myself, my Heirs and assigns hereby Relinquish all my Right Title Interest claim or pretention of claim whatsoever to them or any Estate they or either of them may hereafter acquire, And the said Servant Sally & Charlotte shall forever hereafter enjoy their full Freedom without any Interruption from me or any other Person claiming by or under any Authority received of me IN WITNESS whereof I have set my Hand, and affixed my Seal this Eighteenth day of May in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty five, and the Ninth of American Independance.

Erasmus Gill (Seal)

Sealed & Delivered in presence of}


George Booth

At a Court held for Sussex County the 16th day of June 1785. This Deed of Emancipation was proved to be the act & Deed of Erasmus Gill a party thereto by the oaths of John Howell Briggs & George Booth the witnesses thereto & ordered to be recorded. Teste Jno.Cocke Cl:Cur.

This appears to be a marriage record.

  1. June 8, 1786 Erasmus GILL & Sarah NEWSUM Dinwiddie

Courtesy of T. Ellis

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