Thomas Y. Gill bc1813 (1812-1815 d>1870 of Wilkes Co., GA, son of William Gill married to Rhoda.

From Janice's notes: b. 16 March 1813 in Wilkes Co., Georgia, d. April 1880 in Wilkes Co., Georgia, at age 66.  According to family history, Thomas Young Gill married 1st to Mary Ann Pullen on 21 June 1833 in Wilkes Co., Georgia.  He married second to Martha Jane Pullen on 15 January 1849, in Wilkes Co., Georgia.

A Thomas Y. Gill is listed in Wilkes Co. in  1830, 1850, 1860, and 1870, and from 1850 on is listed as born in GA.  Therefore, I concluded that he cannot be the son of William Gill of Iredell Co., NC.   Janice McAlpine has researched this line and states that he is.  Perhaps there are two Thomas Y. Gills in the Wilkes County records?   He may be the Thomas Y. Gill in Meriwether Co. in 1840.  He might be the son of William Gill of Meriwether Co., who in turn was a son of William Gill or Iredell Co., NC.  DAR record (note that according to those Gills who have researched NC, state that this DAR record is all mixed up, and I think Janice and Charles McDaniel have it straight).  There appear to be at least two William Gills in NC who served in the revolution.) That DAR record states that he married first R. Boggardy, married second a Miss Burke. Thomas Y. Gill married in Wilkes Co. GA 11 July 1816 Nancy Burke (d>1830<1840) (Gone to GA, p245). He does not appear in the 1820 census in GA. The Thomas Y. Gill in Gwinnet Co., p275, is listed as >45 (000001-1001).  Thomas Y. Gill is present in the 1830 census in Wilkes Co., GA p322 with both his wife and himself at 30-40 years of age (120001 - 101001, 1f slave 10-24). Three Gill children were in the Wilkes Co. Poor School from 1829 to 1831, and there are loose estate papers on file there.

The Thomas Y. Gill listed in the 1850 census was born c1815 in GA, farmer, wife Martha J. born c1817 in GA.  In 1860 they are listed as born c1812 and 1818.  In 1870 they are still in Wilkes Co.  This Thomas Y. Gill born c1815 married to Martha J. in the 1850 census seems to be yet another Thomas Y. Gill!

The Wilkes County Papers 1773-1833 (Robert Scott Davis, Jr., So. Hist. Press, Easley, SC,1979) states (Loose Estate Papers 1777-18??) that Reel 241-69 has loose estate papers for Thomas Y. Gill (p304)

Children of Thomas Y. Gill  bc1813of Wilkes Co. (from the census)

  1. Caroline Gill born c1834
  2. John T. Gill born c1835
  3. Frances Gill (f) born c1837
  4. William J. Gill born c1839-40, married Elizabeth E. born c1848 in GA.  In Wilkes Co. in 1870, and 1880, Ed 131, pg 1.
    1. William O. Gill born c1868
    2. Emma L. Gill born May-June 1870
  5. Micajah A. Gill born c1841-2 married Martha J. born c1850 in GA, in Wilkes Co. in 1870, 1880.
    1. Ella Gill born 1869
  6. Julia R Gill born c1843-4
  7. Isaac M. Gill born c1845
  8. George M. Gill born c1847-50.  In Wilkes Co. in 1880 census. ED 131, pg 1.  His mother is with him at age 63 in 1880
  9. Susan A. Gill born c1852
  10. Martha Y. Gill born c1857
  11. Rhoda A. Gill born c1859 (this rather suggests that he was somehow related to William Gill who married Rhoda)
  12. Elizabeth Gill born c1862

The names that I have highlighted in blue  (his wife excluded) are common to the wife and children of William Gill of Meriwether Co., GA, who, I believe, was in Wilkes Co. before he removed to Meriwether Co.  There are seven coincidences, counting the "O" as matching the Oliver or Olvin.  I believe this may be his son.

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