Thomas Gill born c1837-8 died 1864. A male was listed in the 1840 census with "S.M. Gill" implied born between 1831 and 1835. Thomas was not in Thomas County GA in 1850. However, he is there in the 1860 census, on page 48 #275, Thomas Gill, 23, farmer $00 $1500 born in GA. Listed with him were Eliza, 24, and a male then unnamed 6 months old (on 14 June 1860). Thomas Gill served in the civil war, and died apparently of the after effects of a hand wound. Thomas Gill enlisted from Thomas County Georgia, where Thomas Gill, the elder, and Mary are known to have lived. Since no Gills other than ours appear to have lived in Thomas County at this time, presumably, this Thomas belongs to our family, although I am at a loss to place him. There is a civil war record. Thomas Gill enlisted 4 March 1862 in Thomas County GA. by Col. B.B. Moore. Some cards listed Thomasville, but the first simply said Thomas County. He was detailed as a wagonner 25 July 1862. A stray card in his file lists a James Gill as a wagonner in June 1862 also. This almost certainly refers to his brother, James W. Gill (#6). Thomas was listed as admitted to U.S.A. General hospital #1 in Frederick, MD during Sept. 1862, and transferred on 19 Sept. 1862.He was listed as a POW sent for exchange from Fort Delaware, and sent to Aiken's landing, VA. 2 Oct. 1862. He was on the register of the Medical Director's office in Richmond, VA. as admitted to general hospital #20 6 Oct. 1862. He was transferred to Camp Lee. He was "declared exchanged" on 10 November 1862. Thomas was approved for a 30 day furlough on 21 November 1862. He was listed as AWOL 21 Dec. 1862 to Feb. 1863 (cards may have stated in Thomas County, but this point was not clear). Apparently he returned, probably he was ill and overlooked, as he is next found in CSA hospital in Charlottesville, VA. with "Debilitas", admitted 23 July 1863, transferred to hospital #9 in Richmond on 15 Sept. 1863, and from there transferred to "Winder #2" on 16 Sept. Next he appears in the records in General Hospital, Camp Winder, Richmond, VA. "Veel. Scl. (??) on 16 Sept. 1863, and is listed as deserted 5 Oct. 1863 (apparently someone was unaware that he was hospitalized). He was transferred to Jackson 7-8 May 1864. Jackson hospital on 8 May 1864 states: "V S L hand M in B" (no idea what this means!). He is listed as furloughed for 60 days from Jackson Hospital, Richmond, VA. in 4 June 1864. On 6 June 1864 he was admitted to Confederate States Hospital in Petersburg, VA. He died on 5 July 1864, and a receipt for $14 of "effects" was duly issued. Report of Surgical Cases, Conf. States Hosp., Petersburg, age 26, farmer (or former??) gunshot fracture of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, fingers of left hand, date of around 6 May 1864. Amputation at meta carpo phalangeal articulation, date of ' May. Not healthy followed by sipelas. Died 5 July. Thus ends another Uncle! This unfortunate report, which states his age as 26 in 1864, would place Thomas as the youngest son of Thomas and Mary (note that census ages do not tally 100%)! Antibiotics would have saved him, but so would have no war! I was unable to locate Thomas' widow in Thomas County, GA. in the 1870 census, although I did find a "John C. Gill 25 $350/$5000, born in Fla. with wife Mary F., 28 (or 22), and daughter Rossie (?) 4, all born in Fla. I have no idea who he is, if not the son of John C. Gill. If he belongs to Thomas(the elder) and Mary Wilson, then Thomas (the elder) must have lived at least until 1845.

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