Thomas Gill, "Sr.", born 27 Aug. 1755 Lancaster, PA died York Co., SC 29 Sept. 1808, widow Agness (perhaps also married earlier to Nancy Barr?). Mrs. Hicks p12 lists 1745-1808 as a tombstone date for Thomas Gill married to "Agness". at Fishing Ck. Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Hicks, p12, also lists a tombstone date for a Thomas Gill as 20 Sept. 1808 in his 64th year (born 1744). The 64th year may be an after the fact error, or one of these may refer to another Thomas Gill. The 27 Aug. 1755 birth date must be a Bible record. I have no documented reference to Nancy Barr.

The Thomas Gill who married Rebekah Currey is not this Thomas Gill (FOC). FOC: there are clearly records of three early Thomas Gills.

Thomas Gill served in the 3rd Regiment from 1 July 1777 to 1 Mar. 1779 as a private and from 1 Mar. 1779 to 1 July 1781 as a Corporal. He was taken prisoner along with his brother Robert H. Gill at Black River, SC, but was later exchanged. Thomas & bro. Robert taken prisoners by British and carried to Camden, SC. Thos. released after 7 mos., Robert is reported by Mrs. Lesbia Ward Roberts to have died there.(p179 ibid).

The last three signatures in the indent file (to the right) look the same. The top signature does not look the same to me, but he could have been tired. This signature is on a separate paper in the file and requests that his indent be delivered to Capt. John Mills, so this is a Fishing Creek Thomas Gill, and I think the same one.

(Mr. Andrea #71; Thomas Gill was born 1755 (FOC: Thomas Gill "Jr.," born 1757 was the son of John Gill and wife Sarah) "Thomas Gill Sr. File #2833 lost a bay horse at Sumter's Rout and has a claim to have the bay horse paid for. It seems that all these Gills had bad luck with their horses when Sumter had his defeat. I have read with keen interest how they all were lost in that defeat and all lost horses or were placed in Camden Gaol."

1790 census Thomas Gill, adjacent to Robert Gill, 1 m >16, 1 m <16, 1 f, 1 slave.

(Mrs. Crowder): "Thomas Gill Estate File 21-318, Chester Co., SC, Thomas Gill died intestate in Chester Co., SC, Adm. bond sg. 1 Nov. 1808, Agness Gill, Admx. (Mrs. Hicks without reference, states that his estate was administered by Leonard Strait, Apr. 1986 p12) Bondsmen: Leonard Straight, Alexander Pagan, Robert Robinson. Appraisers: Josiah Porter, Andrew Downing, Robert Gill. Leonard Straight was guardian for Archibald Gill, a minor son of the deceased. A receipt "in full for my legacy in the estate of my deceased father" was signed 4 January 1819 by Archibald Gill (Mrs. Hicks states "that he was now of legal age"). There are no other receipts in the file. There is no list of heirs or division of the estate in the file. It may be that there is further evidence about this estate in the deeds, but I did not search there. Buyers at the sale: Agnes Gill & evidently the widow, Joseph Boyd, Francis Boyd, Peter Boyd, David Boyd, Samuel Gill, Philip Fox. From the Old Fishing Creek Churchyard: Thomas Gill died 20 Sept. 1808 in his 64th year (born 1745). This Thomas Gill is buried near Robert & Eleanor Gill & it is my opinion that he is the son of Robert and Eleanor. Certainly the Thomas Gill of the pension who married Hannah Cresswell is not the son of Thomas and Eleanor, for the families do not tally with Thomas' description in his pension."

(Andrea #129) Thomas Gill Estate Admst. 1 Nov. 1808 by Leonard Strait. Bond was signed by Alexander Pagan & Robert Robinson. Leonard Strait was named as guardian for the minor heir, Archibald Gill who on 27 Nov. 1819 stated he was now of legal age and Leonard Strait was released as guardian.

The elusive Thomas Marion has just gotten more roots! Peggy found a book in the Los Angeles County Library: Early Records of Fishing Creek Presbyterian Church Chester County, South Carolina 1799 - 1859, compiled by Brent H. Holcomb and Elmer O. Parker copyright 1980. The book is divided into three sections: records of session 1700 - 1859, the visitation list of Rev. John Simpson 1774 - 1776, and the cemetery 1762 - 1979. The session records include baptisms, marriages, deaths and removals recorded. The visitation list lists early members in family groups. Archibald Gill baptisted 16 June 1799, son of Thomas Gill.  Archibald Gill was a member of Fishing Creek Presbyterian Church Chester County, South Carolina.

One Known Son of Thomas Gill

One male child in 1790 census.

  1. Archibald Gill born on or just before 27 Nov. 1798, baptisted 16 June 1799.

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Can anyone give me any information on a relationship between a Thomas Gill and the family of William Lewis/Margaret Linn Lewis of Lewis' Turnout in Chester Co SC?? I understand that William Lewis' Singing Book had Thomas Gill written in it........but I do not know the connection.

Maria Price 28 May 2007

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