Deeds 1811-1814 Smith Co., TN Vol. 3

P. 286 9 Feb 1813 $200.00 100 ac

Thomas Jones of Smith Co. to James Gill of Wilson Co. south side of Cumberland beginning at a mulberry the s.w. corner of said Jones and Joseph Bridges adjoins Armstreet Flippin. Part of NC grant to Colo. Gideon Lamb.

Signed; Thomas Jones

Wit: Joseph Bridges, Thos (X) Bridges

Sept. term 1813 by AKN rec. 24 Nov 1813

Deeds 1814 - 1816 Smith Co., TN Vol 4 by Barbara Crumpton (TNR 976.852CRU)

Page 30 13 Aug 1813 588.00 168 ac

Arthur S. Hogun, Agent for John Hogun to James Gill. Elk Fork of Muherin Creek beg. on an ash Samuel Paskel (Paschal) line, adjoins Wm. Hogun, Lemeul Hogun.

Wit: Thomas Haile, Richard Hodges

Aug. Term 1814 by AKN Rec. 29 Sept 1814

SMITH CO., TN. WILLS 1803-1896 Key-Meggart-Turner

TN R 976.852 Key

page 100: Thomas Gill, 19 Mar. 1854, Wife Sarah. Children: Wm. Henry, Nancy Ann, Jacob Smith Gill Witness: Samuel Paschal, Jas. Bridges

Ex. James P.Gill Probate: Apr. 1854

page 117: Martha A. Gill 12 Oct 1868. Borthers B. F. Gill, James M. Gill, Sister Nancy M. Gill.Wit: A. Paschal, James A. Barrett. Ex.


Probate Dec 1868, page 153.

page 137: Benjamin F. Gill, 14 May 1891, Wife Catherine Hale Gill. "My Minor  Children". Wit: J. N. Bridges, John S. Gill. Ex. Wife Catharine Gill

Probate: Jul 1891, page 428 page 30 John Gill, 26 Jan 1822. Wife Elizabeth, All my children not of age.

Wit: Mitchell Sory, John Tuggle. Exs. Thomas Tuggle, Elizabeth


Probate May 1822 page 27 James Gill, Aug. 1822. Inventory. Sale Nov. 1822. Wm. B. Gill, Admn.

Among buyers Sarah, Wm. B. Thomas, Jestana Gill

page 111 Martha Palmer 12 Aug 1863. (Wife of David Palmer, daughter of John and Sarah Tuggle) Nephew James Gill. Brothers and sisters of David Palmer and their heirs. My brothers and sisters and their heirs. One thousand dollars for repairing the turnpike from Round Lick bridge to top of Rollings Hill. Balance of estate to Smith Co. for internal improvements. Wit: D. V. Seay, Wm. Manning, Ex. James Gill.

Probate Aug 1864. page 78

Smith Co., Marriage records 1838-1881 TN R 976.852


John S. Gill to Elizabeth B. Haile

Issued Mar 15 1854 solemnized March 16, 1854

By JR Smith-MG

Tn Marriage 1838: 1845-1854 Embry TN R 976.852 E

William Oakley & Louisa Gill Dec. 28, 1849 by F. P. Gill JP

Subject: Gills mentioned in CW Pension Application, may relate to the Gills from Halifax to Smith Co., TN Gill descendants.

Excerpts from the Civil War Pension Application of James Pleasant Gold

The application was 'Form 2' and I copied from a book at the library. I can only speculate on what question Mr. Gold was answering.

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