Uriah Gill
p207, Clarke Co. Roll 3 fam # born
10 Sept. 1850 42 42
Uriah Gill 45 farmer SC cannot read or write
Elizabeth 44 SC
Caroline Gill 15 AL
Mary Gill 12 AL
Martha Gill 13 AL
Thomas Gill 11 AL
Demamisella Gill 5 f AL
Susan Mott 64 f SC
Amanda Mott 32 AL cannot read or write
Harriett Mott 20 AL cannot read or write
Robert Mott 19 farmer AL
Leonora Mott 17 f AL
James Mott 11 AL
Sarah Mott 5 AL
Ungh Gill, Jun. 28 m farmer 28 Is this Uriah, Jr.??
p254 18 Nov. 1850 740
Ellen Walker 72 $200 NC
Ellen Walker 36 AL
Rebecca Walker 7 AL
R. Gill 42 farmer SC cannot read or write

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