Information extracted by Daniel B. Olds on 12/23/1999 from – Amelia County, Virginia  OB 15, 1786-1792.

OB 15:23   26 0ct 1780.

William Willson, Charles Willson, Daniel Ragsdale and Phebe his wife, John Webster and Martha his wife, Nancey Willson, William Walthall, Junior and Lucy his wife, William Old eldest son and heir at law of Mary Gill decd and Samuel Morgan an infant eldest son and heir at law of Anney Morgan decd by John Morgan his father and next friend, Plts vs John Willson eldest son and heir at law and admr John Willson Senr decd Deft: In Chancery...Mary the widow of John Willson Senr decd...divide the residue amongst the parties in this suit who are representatives of the said John Willson and of his deceased daug Mary and Anney...OB 15:74 is the decree..

______________________________(End) ______________________________________________________

The William Old, born February 12, 1756, eldest son and heir at law of Mary Gill, mentioned above, is the son of John Old and Judith (nee unknown) of Amelia County, Virginia. Mary Gill (nee unknown) previously was the wife of David Gill of Amelia County, Virginia and the 2d wife of John Old.

The will of William Old was made on 18 May 1797 in Amelia County, VA and probated in Amelia County, VA on 26 April 1798. The will names wife Winnie, son William, daughter Polley and brother (half brother) Thomas.

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