On the Henrico Land Patents, you will find the center coordinates for the early colonial era properties in Henrico County, VA. Included are those owned by the Gill family members.  The first instance of ownership appears to be 1704 when John Gill purchased 235 acres. I had the impression that the Gill family was in Henrico long before the Huegonots appeared in lthe early 1690's, as I recall. I guess that may not be true. At any rate, the Huegonots located themselves at Midlothian just along the south side of the James River near (37-32N / 77-36W). At one time I plotted their land parcels in the Midlothian area. My thinking is that the Huegonots came to Henrico County a few years after your Gills arrived and settled quite a few miles north of where the original Gill immigrants first settled west of Colonial Heights.

I think if you obtain the original Henrico County documents I refer to you may be able to also know who the wives of these Gills were. I alphabetized the listing of English immigrants and therefore the associations or name order was lost. I may have the original document on my home computer.

I'm now working on a new line of inquiry which suggests to me that my Blankenship immigrant ancestor, Ralph Blankinship, probably departed from Liverpool, England in 1686. He originally may have resided in Lacashire Co. near Bolton which is 20 miles east of Liverpool. His name appears on a list of names (including your GILLs) that Richard Kennon submitted as documentation when he claimed his headrights for immigrants which he used to acquire land in Henrico Co. in the early 1690's. That information is in Nugent's book which you reference. I cannot be certain that the English aristocrat Richard Kennon actually paid for the passage of the Gill immigrants cited on that list. This is because many people traded these headrights much as brokers trade stocks today. Sometimes they held these headrights for many years before they traded them in for land. You can read a lot more about Richard Kennon at my BLANKENSHIP ORIGINS web site.

I am working with a small group of researchers to accurately plot out the land parcels for the owners of properties in colonial era Henrico County, VA This is a major work effort still in progress. You may find a good deal of pertinent information at my web site if you have the time to look over it.

If you go to my web site at this URL http://freepages.family.rootsweb.com/~kallenbach/Ralphs_Travel_Companions.htm you'll see that your Gill ancestors and their wives came to America in the same time frame (1686) as my immigrant Blankenship ancestor, perhaps even on on the same ship. They did not live too close to our Blankinships therefore there was no intermarriage during the colonial period. The names below came to colonial Henrico County and can be found in the colonial era archives.

Gill, Anne

Gill, Isa (woman's name pronounced Icy)

Gill, John

Gill, Joseph

Gill, Mary

Gill, Peter

Below is a map of where the Gill properties plot on a map. The coordinates below and on the map are given in decimal degrees. I have not been able to tell where on the property these coordinates plot. At first I thought it was dead center, then I thought it was the southeast corner but now I'm not sure. I just know that for the properties we've plotted for these coordinates touch somewhere on the actual property. In the map you won't find Steven Gill because his property was located about four miles northwest of where the other Gill properteries are located.


Submitted by and Copyright ©2004 Don Blankenship.

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