Gill/Kennon/Cousen information

1685, September 16. Lord Mayor's Waiting Book, 1684-6, Vol. 14, Page 404. Guille, Isaac, his wife Anna and children Magdalene, John, Peter, Stephen, and Joseph. All bound to Augustine Boullay in Virginia.

1690, April 1. "Henrico Co., VA. Deeds 1677-1705" by Benjamin Weisiger III. Page 141. p. 362. Richard KENNON was due 8000 acres for importation of a list of people, including Isa. Gill, John Gill, Stephen Gill, Joseph Gill, Peter Gill, Anne Gill, and Mary Gill.

*We know for sure that the Guille and Gill families above are the same, and are associated with Richard Kennon.

1704, October 20. Virginia Patent Book Book 11, page 38. Henrico Co., VA. Land granted to Charles Cousens of Henrico Co. to transportation of eight persons into this Colony. The list included Stephen Gill, John Gill, Jos. Gill.

1705. A long list of people naturalized, included Joseph Guil, John Guil, and Stephen Guil.

*Shows us that they were not English? (since they were naturalized), and that the original spelling was not "Gill." Certainly not the complete list of the Guille family, but all three names could match.

*This above John Gill we believe died in 1723. I checked his will information in my Henrico book and found: Will of John Gill presented by Mary Gill, etc... proved by William KENNON, George Wilson, Stephen Gill, witnesses; William KENNON and Richard KENNON, Gent., Security. etc., etc.

*It was a Richard Kennon who received 8,000 acres of land by importing the family of Isaac Guille, which was spelled Gill in that particular entry.

In 1726 another John Gill bought land from Essex Bevil..... a witness was William Kennon. In 1737 a John Gill bought land from Wm. Worsham..... witnesses included Will Kennon and Will Kennon Jr.

In 1707 I see Stephen Gill witnessing a deed of gift from George Archer to Charles COUSENS.

In 1731 a deed from Isaac Garret to Charles COUSENS. Witnesses included Wil Kennon, Webster Gill, William Kennon Jr.

1748 a deed between John Colbreath to Benjamin Dyson mentions that it was part of 250 acres purchased by Duncan Colbreath from Joseph Gill..... Wit. included Wil Kennon.

1745 deed, Richard Stiles to John Stiles..... land joining Charles Cousins and Peter Gill the younger.

*These were some of the Gill/Kennon/Cousins connections I was able to locate.

I did go through a long site of Huguenot information, and the name Guille does not appear.

(more from Sue Gill!)

Today I checked a large book of immigrants, and did find a reference to John Gill. A source reference was given, which was another book that just happened to be at the very same library. Found:

September 16, 1685. 14/404

This seems to be the very same list of people that we figured was ours. But for the first time, we see the relationships listed out. The first book, which was simply an index had them all lined up as son: dau:, etc. I think the Mary Gill on the first list is the Magdalene. With that simple change, it's the exact same list.

So, it would seem that John, Joseph, and Stephen----and Peter, were all brothers! Another generation back in time to Isaac. This group of people sailed from England, and the names are listed in the Record Office in London. Can't wait to hear what you think.

"Passenger and Immigration Lists Index" Vol 1, A-G Edited by P. William Filby with Mary K. Meyer page 780:
Guille, Anna SEE Guille, Isaac
Guille, Isaac; Virginia, 1685. 2524 p. 38
Wife: Anna
Child: Magdalene
Child: John
Child: Peter
Child: Stephen
Child: Joseph
Guille, John. SEE Guille, Isaac
Guille, Joseph. SEE Guille, Isaac
Guille, Magdalene. SEE Guille, Isaac
Guille, Peter. SEE Guille, Isaac
Guille, Stephen. SEE Guille, Isaac

2524 refers you to: Ghirelli, Michael. "A List of Emigrants from England to America, 1682-1692, Transcribed from the Original Records at the City of London Record Office." Baltimore: Magna Carta Book Co., 1968.

When you go to this book, you find on page 38 the following information:


Found this today in:

"Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants" Abstracted by Nell Marion Nugent

Joseph Cockrum, 800 acs, King Wm. Co; bet. the Herring Creeks; beg. at Mattepony Riv., just below mouth of Little Br., about ½ mi. below mouth of Up. Herring Cr; to head of Wolfe Trap Br; 23 Oct 1703, p. 548. Trans. of 16 pers: Henry Collings, Jane Clerk, Jane Crips, Margt. Tapp, Robt. Edings, Richd. Stiles, Anne Mott, ISAAC GILL, John Chandler, Isaak Gooding, Eliz. Bowman, Alex. Buckham, Martha Brown, Christopher Smith, John Smith, Simon Lambert.

John Hurt 546 acs. King Wm. Co........... mentions Trans. of 11 persons, including ANNE GILL. 1706.

Mr. Charles Cozens, 362 acs., Henrico Co...... mentions Trans. of 8 persons, including STEPHEN GILL, JOS. GILL, AND JOHN GILL. 1704.

There was no Magdalene or Peter Gill in the Index.

And, from L. Hope:

MAGAZINE OF VIRGINIA GENEALOGY, Volume 31, No. 1, February, 1993

Henrico County Record Book No. 2, 1678-1693 [this is apparently a copy made from an earlier book]

1 February, 1685 (1686)

Stephen Guil Servt to John Steward Junr (of Apps) being brought by Willm Chambers (in hehalf of ye sd Steward) before this Worll Court is adjudged ten years old; & is order'd to serve Seven years according to Indenture wch not being exhibitted is proved by Mr Richd Kennon ye importer & acknowledgmt of ye sd Chambers;

Peter Guyl servt to Gilbert Elam Senr being by ye sd Elam's son brought before this worll Court is adjudged twelve years of age, & Ordd to serve Seven years according to Indenture, wch not being in Court exhibitted is proved by Mr Jno Worsham's certificacin

Same, Volume 31, No. 2, May, 1993

1 June, 1685

Joseph Guyl Servt to Thomas Pouldon being by his sd Master brought before this worll Court is adjudged twelve* years of Age.

*nine, in the original.

Copyright ©2004, Sue Gill, all rights reserved.  Sue Gill has made enormous strides to document this family! These documents may be freely used for private purposes, and included in your own genealogy.  Please give her credit, and please retain all caveats!  However, this document is copyrighted and may not be sold, nor given to anyone who may attempt to derive profit from same.

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