We have been camping at Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield , Va. for the last 30 years . A few years ago they opened a new trail across the Swift Creek Lake on land that was once farmland.

While walking there one day a few years ago my husband and I found 2 tombstones in the woods .The larger one read: Fannie Julia Feb 17, 1846 - Oct 18, 1872 Wife of M. C. Gill Born in Richmond, Va . Married in Chesterfield County Dec 21, 1871, Removed to Prince George 1872, Died in Chesterfield Second Stone reads: Infant Daughter Oct 18, 1872 M. C. and F. J. Gill . We also found the cellar hole for the house and the well . Also stones from a spring house or other out buildings. On a trip to the Historical Society we found a Melville C. Gill listed in a census taken in Chesterfield in 1850. He was 5 at the time and would be about the right age for Fannie who was born in 1846. His father was a farmer and 36 years old at the time .Benjamin W. Gill .I found it interesting that Benjamin W. Gill was married 3 times . 1838 to Adelia 1842 to Mary Gill [ cousin??] and Matilda in 1848 . Census reads : Benjamin W. Gill 36, Matilda 28, Susan 7 f, Melville C 5, Capaydell 2 F, As a mother of 4 daughters I am very interested in this young woman who died in childbirth . We go to this park about 5 weeks a year and are very interested in it's history . But Fannie has touched my heart and I want to know more about her. We go to Fannie's place now as soon as we get to the park. Hope you can help us find out more about her and her family.

Gloria Coon

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