Gill Document 12

Transcribed by Daniel B. Olds from a copy of the original generously provided by Jim & Brenda Hicks

Distributees of Jesse Gill

  1. Terrell Gill residing in Wake County, N.C. who has been paid $800.
  2. Agnes Jones whose husband died before the intestate and who resides in Wake County, N.C. paid $1,360.
  3. John Gill who resides in N.C. pd. $1,040.
  4. Mary Tate whose husband died before J. Gill paid $1,100.
  5. Burton Gill’s children; B.J. Gill, pd $107.12; D.C. Gill pd. $107.12; S.T. Gill $107.12 they being of age. Caroline Gill, married to Peter Dupree, Susan Gill, Joseph Gill & S. Gill, minors without guardian, to whom nothing has been paid.
  6. Betsy Gill’s children & grandchildren;
    1. Nancy ship, married to A.B. McDade & residing in North Carolina, pd. $225.
    2. Emily Shipp’s children, who married Manassa Sater, who, with her husband, died prior to J. Gill, leaving great grandchildren of J. Gill as follows:

      Elishia Sater – Louisa married to John C. Rogers, now dead, & William & Mary Sater who are without guardian.

    3. Malacy Shipp, married to James Laws, residing in Texas –

      since dead leaving one child Nancy P. Laws.

    4. Betsy A. ship, wife of William Davis, living in Wake

      County & paid $225.

    5. Matilda Shipp’s children, who married Peleg Rogers and

      died before J. Gill, leaving surviving C.M. Rogers, Sarah

      E. Rogers, Nancy M. Rogers whose guardian has been paid $225.

    6. 6. Martha Shipp who married William Allen, he being now dead, and said Martha having been paid $225.
  7. Nancy Gill, who married 1st Wormley Ray, who had by his said wife Nancy, two children, Buckner Ray & Henry C. Ray, who died before your orator’s intestate leaving surviving him his children, Mary Ray, Cynthia Ray, and said Sarah Ray, who married Wm. D. Ray, all residing in Wake County, N.C. Nancy Gill then intermarried with Edward A. Parham, both of whom died before Jesse Gill leaving surviving children viz: A. Parham, Mary Parham, John Parham, Peyton Parham, Caroline Parham and E. Parham, in Tennessee.
  8. Mahaly Gill who married Joseph Bailey, the said Joseph being dead and his wife residing in Tennessee.
  9. Peyton Gill, residing in Tennessee.
  10. Buckner Gill’s children, the said Buckner having died before Jesse Gill, leaving children, James Gill, Elizabeth Gill married to William Fortune, said Fortune having died before J. Gill, Sarah C. Gill and Thomas Gill, all residing in Tennessee.

(Following these pages were four pages of figures showing the proportional share of the estate paid, and the balances owed, to each of the beneficiaries. There being no information of a genealogical nature contained in these pages they were not transcribed.)



Sources: Wake County courthouse records, Federal Census records.

If you have information on this family, please contact: Diann,  Dan Olds, and Frank O. Clark

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