Gill Document 14

Transcribed by Daniel B. Olds from a copy of the original generously provided by Jim & Brenda Hicks

State of North Carolina In the Superior Court of

Wake County Wake County

Buckner Ray Adm’r of

Jesse Gill Plaintiff


Tyrrell Gill Et Als


Tyrell Gill being duly sworn says I am a son of Jesse Gill and Mahala Gill is my sister. He, Jesse Gill, advanced her the following real and personal property – viz

One Tract of Land. $400

One bed 15

Four chairs 1.60

One pot & skillet 2.

Cash for negro girl 400

One wagon 25.

Cash to carry her to Tennessee 45.


The girl spoken of above was in the possession of the husband of Mahala Baily and Jesse Gill gave a power of attorney to Peyton Gill to take the Negro girl and use her. He did take her and sold her and Joseph Baily brought suit for the girl which suit was compromised by Jesse Gill paying Joseph Baily the sum of $400. I saw the money paid by Jesse Gill to Joseph Baily. Joseph Baily and wife went to Tennessee more than 20 years ago but the exact date I do not know. I think I was married more than two years before Joseph Baily went to Tennessee. I think the compromise was effected a few years before I was married which was in 1842. Jesse Gill gave the tract of land above stated to Joseph Baily by deed by and with the consent of Joseph Baily’s wife Mahala). This deed was made at the time of marriage between Joseph Baily and wife and Jesse Gill stated that it should count after he was dead and gone.

Mr. Busbee, Counsel for Mahala Baily, objected to the evidence of Tyrell Gill as regards any communications or transaction between Mr. Jesse Gill and witness or Jesse Gill & Mahala Baily. I do not recollect when Mahala Baily was married but think it was about 1836. When the deed conveying land to Joseph Baily was executed I was present in the room and we were all talking together. I saw Jesse Gill give Mahala Baily the bed spoken of above and I saw it carried off. *Jesse Gill told me he gave Mahala Baily the wagon and the $45 to carry her to Tennessee.* Mr. Busbee, Counsel as aforesaid, objected to all the evidence between stars. Objection sustained by Commissioner.

At the time of the compromise about the girl I think he had as many as 15 slaves & a ? of land. Peyton Gill was a son of Jesse Gill received of his father the following property before he removed to the West.

One tract of land sold for $670

One horse, bridle & saddle 80.

One bed & furniture 20.


T. Gill (signature)

Sworn and subscribed Before me this 13th day

Of September 1870 Geo. H. Snow, Commissioner


Sources: Wake County courthouse records, Federal Census records.

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