Gill Document 15

Transcribed by Daniel B. Olds from a copy of the original generously provided by Jim & Brenda Hicks

Wake County, N.C. Dec 15,1882

Know all men by these presents that we the signers of this instrument agree to a certain compromise hereinafter mentioned, namely, we agree to let J.E. Gill, A.K. Gill and L.L. Gill have the land beginning at J.B. Allen’s line near the rock spring moving a nearly southerly course along the fence back of the woods opposite the southeast corner of the Browning field thence with said field to H.C. Ray’s line, thence with said Ray’s line to the old road, the said J.E. Gill, A.K. Gill & L.L. Gill to have all the land West of the line named belonging to the estate of David Gill deceased. We also agree to make a bonafied deed to them when fully consummated with. We further agree to let them have all the household & kitchen furniture, three cows & two calves, all the hogs, one bay mare and black mule, one sorrel mule known as the Keith Mule, one Phaeton & harness and two-horse wagon known as the Lassiter Wagon & all the cotton seed. One set ?, traces, harness & two collars, all the sweet & Irish potatoes. Also to have the proceeds of the perishable property after paying all the debts of the said estate of David Gill deceased. Also to have their proportional interest in a small tract of land in Barton’s Creek Township when sold.

Wm. B. Dunn (seal) E.E. Gill (seal)

F.C. Fort (seal) D.D. Gill (seal)

E.A. Dunn (seal) M.A. Dunn (seal)

A.E. Gill (seal) L.R. Gill (seal)

Ella. Gill (seal)

A. Kerren Gill (seal)

J.E. Gill (seal)

L.L. Gill (seal)


State of North Carolina

Dec. 15, 1882

In consideration of the foregoing compromise we agree, when fully complied with, to give deeds to J.R. Gill, M.A. Dunn & D.D. Gill to all the land belonging to the estate of David Gill deceased East of the line named and the land known as the J.M. Crenshaw land. We will make deeds to F.C. Fort, A.E. Dunn & E.E. Gill.

L.L Gill

A.K. Gill

J.E. Gill

E.E. Gill

A.E. Gill

L.C. Dunn

M.A, Dunn

D.D. Gill

Ella. Gill

E.A. Dunn

Wm. B. Dunn

F.C. Fort


Sources: Wake County courthouse records, Federal Census records.

If you have information on this family, please contact: Diann,  Dan Olds, and Frank O. Clark

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