Gill Document 18

Transcribed by Daniel B. Olds from a copy of the original generously provided by Jim & Brenda Hicks

Wake County Superior Court

State ex rel. Andrew Syme

Admr. d.b.n. Jesse Gill, Pltff. August

Against Term 1884

George W. Thompson, Dft.


The defendant answers to the complaint:

    1. That he admits allegations 1 & 2 thereof but to the allegations contained in Article 3 & the alleged copy of a bond made part thereof he has no knowledge or information sufficient to form a belief & he demands the ? of the alleged ? on the trial of the ?
    2. That he admits that Buckner Ray did receive the assets of his intestate as alleged in Article 4, but on information & belief he avows that it is untrue that said Buckner wasted, squandered or misapplied the said assets but on the contrary he faithfully administered the same & paid over the residue but paid out to conditions of the estate, & as charge of administration, to the next of kin, distributees, and heirs of said Jesse Gill.
    3. That on information & belief he saith the allegations in Articles V, VI & VII are untrue.
    4. That he has no knowledge or information sufficient to form a belief as to the allegations of Article VIII of the complaint.

Second for a second defense

    1. That in a suit of equity in said County duly constituted

between Buckner Ray, admr. of Jesse Gill and others, against

Terrell Gill & others, in which said suit all the heirs & next

of kin & distributees of Jesse Gill were parties & which suit

was afterward transferred to the Superior Court of said

County, such proceedings were had that the administration by

Said Buckner Ray of said estate was, by judgment of said

Superior Court, transferred to George H. Snow, Esq. as

Commissioner & Referee, & upon the ? in of the report of said

Snow at (blank) Term 1872 a final judgment was rendered

whereby all the rights of all the said parties were

ascertained, decided & adjudicated & full settlement made

thereby & thereunder of said estate.

Third for a third defense

    1. That more than six years before the commencement of this

      action, lapsed since the ? of action of any ? ? ?.

    2. That more than ten years before action herein begun had elapsed since the cause of action if any ? was accrued & all rights of action and ? to be satisfied.

Fourth for a fourth defense

    1. That defendant is informed therein that all the debts of the estate of Jesse Gill were fully paid & settled upon the judgment above referred to was rendered & that if any other debts are now alleged to exist more than seven years before this action began and elapsed before said debts or any of them were presented, are now bound by the Statute of Limitations.

 Sources: Wake County courthouse records, Federal Census records.

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