Gill Document 8

Transcribed by Daniel B. Olds from a copy of the original generously provided by Jim & Brenda Hicks

State of North Carolina

Wake County In the Probate Court

A paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of E.E. Gill, dec’d late of said County of date 17th of December 1883, and also codicil attached of date March 22, 1884 is exhibited before the undersigned clerk of the Superior Court for said County by Annie E. Gill the widow & executrix named in said will. Whereupon W. B. Dims, M.V.B. Gilbert and D.R. Upchurch being duly sworn depose and say and each for himself deposes & saith that he is acquainted with the handwriting of the said E.E. Gill having often seen him write and that said paper writing and every part thereof and the signature thereto is in the proper handwriting of the said E.E. Gill and the same is genuine. Wm. B. Dims

M.V.B. Gilbert

D.R. Upchurch

Sworn & subscribed

personally before me this 23d July

1885. C.D. Upchurch Clk

And further W.B. Dims being duly sworn deposith & saith that he was present when the said paper writing purporting to be the last will & testament codicil of E.E. Gill dec’d was formed and that the same was found at the last residence of the said E.E. Gill in the County of Wake in a small wooden box deposited in a drawer of a bureau and the same was found among his valuable papers & effects.

Sworn & Subscribed

before me this

July 23, 1885

C.D. Upchurch Wm. B. Dims



North Carolina

Wake County


It is ordered and adjudged that the foregoing paper writing and every part thereof is the last will and testament of E.E. Gill dec’d. Let same with this order be duly recorded & filed.

July 24, 1885 Chas. D. Upchurch



Wake County In the Probate Court.

In the matter of the Will of E.E. Gill before C.D. Upchurch, Clk. Mrs. Annie E. Gill being sworn, doth say: That E.E. Gill, late of said County, is dead, having first made and published his last Will and Testament; and that Mrs. Annie E. Gill is the executor named therein.

Further, that the property of the said E.E. Gill consisting of Real & Personal property is worth about $300.00 so far as can be ascertained at the date of this application; and that Annie E. Gill, Geo. E. Gill, S.H. Gill, D.C. Gill, J.A. Gill, C.E. Gill and M.A. Gill are the parties entitled under said will to the said property.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 23d day of July 1885.

Annie E. Gill

C.D. Upchurch




Sources: Wake County courthouse records, Federal Census records.

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