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Deed Book F
p. 30 JOHN SMITH, SENR. of Sullivan Co., N. C. (now Tenn.) to NATHANIEL JONES, JUNR. of Wake Co., May 15, 1784, for 50 pds. specie a tract of 260 acres in Wake Co., it being the lower end of a tract of 660 acres granted by EARL GRANVILLE to RICH'D GILL bearing date April 1, 1763. The other 400 acres of this grant were sold to JAMES STEVENS. Wit: BRITAIN SMITH, WILLIAM SMITH.

Deed Book G
p. 343 JEREMIAH BAILEY of Granville Co., N. C., to DAVID GILL of Warren Co., N. C., Nov. 9, 1784, for 100 pds. Va. money a tract of 350 acres lying partly in Wake Co. and partly in Granville Co. adjoining RICHARD BAILEY and JOHN MANN. Wit; JAMES JOPLIN, MARK JOPLIN, RICHARD BAILEY.

Deed Book H
p. 226 WILLIAM JONES of Wake Co. to DAVID GILL, SENR. of same, Dec. 28, 1786, for 30 pds. N. C. currency a tract of 100 acres beginning on a path near the head of Island Creek and on the Rocky Hill. Wit: JOEL HALL, ISAAC GILL, JOSEPH RAY.

Deed Book K

p. 71-A and 71-B Pursuant to an Act of the General Assembly entitled an Act for the Relief of the Officers and Soldiers in the Continental Line, and in consideration of the signal bravery and persevering zeal of JOHN MEDEARIS, a Captain in the said Line, a State of N. C. grant #1771 to JOHN MEDEARIS, May 20, 1793, a tract of 3840 acres in Davidson Co. (Tenn.) on the west fork of Stones River adjoining WILLIAM GILL. Registered in Wake Co. March 25, 1795.

p. 353 State of N. C. grant #937 to DAVID GILL, Dec. 4, 1843, a tract of (blank) acres on the north side of Neuse River adjoining WILLIAM BROWNING and his own line. Entered July 31, 1843.

Deed Book Q

p. 89 HENRY KEMP of Granville Co., N. C. to JESSE GILL of Wake Co., March 19, 1798, for 250 pds. N. C. currency a tract of 160 acres in Wake Co. on the north side of Nuce River and on both sides of Newlight Creek adjoining JOHN DAVIS, SIMS, and Bells Road. Wit: JOHN RAY, WM. BARLOW.

p. 97 BUCKNER PACE of Wake Co. quit claim and release to his daughter, TABITHA GILL, Oct. 23, 1798, three negroes named AMEY, ADAM, and LUCEY. Wit: WILLIAM BARLOW, SOL. NIPPER.

p. 137 CLEMENT READ of Wake Co. to BUCKNER PACE of same, March 6, 1799, for 80 silver dollars one negro boy named JACK. Wit: JESSE GILL.

p. 183 JOHN HUSKEY of Wake Co. to WILLIAM SHIP of same, Jan. 19, 1798, for 640 dollars a tract of 320 acres on the north bank of Nuce River adjoining CLARK, PACE, and AARON REED PENDRY, it being parts of two tracts of land granted to PHILLIP JONES and JOHN MARR. Wit: JNO. HUMPHRIES, STEPHEN GILL.

p. 372 BUCKNER PACE of Wake Co. deed of gift to his four granddaughters, BETSEY GILL, POLLY GILL, NANCY GILL, and AGNES GILL, Dec. 10, 1800, a tract of 310 acres of land that he purchased from ISAAC REAVISS, together with a tract of 250 acres that he bought of WM. SHIP and JOSEPH BRASFIELD. Wit; JESSE GILL, JESSE DAVIS.

p. 392 GABRIEL BORDINE of Wake Co. to JOHN WILLIAMSON CAPE of same, July 27, 1798, for 100 pds. current money a tract of 192 acres lying on the waters of Horse Creek adjoining JOPLIN, BENJAMIN DAVIS, STREETER, and JACOB HILL. Wit: JOHN DENNIS, ISAAC GILL.

p. 419 JOHN GILL of Wake Co. to JESSE GILL of same, Nov. 3, 1800, for 100 pds. N. C. currency a tract of 200 acres on an old road adjoining SAM'L MASSEY. Wit: PATRICK TYRRELL, CHARLES HEFFLIN.

All of these have been transcribed and submitted by Dan Olds. Thanks to Dan for all of this work!

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